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10 Things You Should Know About Choice Pages

We’ve seen a ton of Choice Pages built since Amazon Associates commissions were cut in April, and with that, we’ve heard a lot of great questions too! To ensure you are getting maximum value out of your links, we’ve put together a list of the Top 10 things you should know when building your Choice Pages!

Choice Pages Destination Example

1. Perfect Your Call To Action

We’ve found that CTA’s like “Find the Best Deal Below:” help encourage your audience to comparison shop and build momentum towards a conversion. Choice Pages Options

But, make sure you don’t “incentivize!” Asking for a click, or mentioning how links “support” you could get you in trouble (Lots more details how to stay out of trouble here: Amazon Associates – The Ultimate Guide To Getting Your Account Banned — Check out #6). 

2. Order Matters

Traditionally, the first button on a Choice Page gets the bulk of the clicks. Work on your CTA, and consider rearranging the destination order to find what performs best!Choice Page Suggestion

3. Update Your Amazon Account

Choice Pages are considered “landing pages” so be sure to include “” on the list of websites where your affiliate links live. 

This will help ensure that Amazon recognizes your links as a valid referrer of affiliated traffic.Adding and to your website list on Amazon

Add this inside your Amazon Associates Central Dashboard under “Edit Your Website And Mobile App List.” to ensure you don’t encounter any compliance issues down the road!

4. Suggested Destinations

Start building your Choice Pages with an Amazon link, and we’ll quickly search for the same product across ~80 US-based retailers and suggest additional retailers for you to include!

Choice Page Dashboard on Geniuslink

Pick the destinations you think are best for you and your audience, confirm the products match and that you’ll earn commissions from the link, and click to add to your Choice Page!

5. Diversify Revenue & Maximize Amazon Commissions

The order of the buttons matters, but you’ll likely see higher conversion rates for Amazon (even if lower clicks) just from including other options.

"Ever since using Choice Pages, my affiliate income has skyrocketed by over 160%. There is no way I would not do Choice Pages" - Armando Ferreira

Your CTA, position, and choice of retailers affect the revenue you’ll see from them.

6. Compliance Baked-In

Choice Pages include FTC affiliate link and Amazon Associates disclosures and make it clear which button goes to Amazon. These are some of the most common compliance issues we see, so we made sure to take care of them for you!
Three things that are automatically added when creating a Choice Page, Logo, disclaimer and affiliate disclosure

7. Choice Pages Can Be Used “Offline”

Because Choice Pages are landing pages, and you have them included in your list of websites, then you can link to them from “offline” areas you aren’t normally allowed to have Amazon Affiliate links – such as emails, PDFs, and eBooks.

8. Themes

Choice Pages have two themes:

“Light & Clean” is best for physical products that are photographed with a white background. (Such as most products found on Amazon.)

Choice Page product logo

“Dark Art” is often best for podcasts, albums, and cover art.

9. Branding

Add a logo to further customize your Choice Page, build trust with your shoppers, and make it your own. Make sure your logo looks good on the theme you choose!
Logo example

10. Add Any Destination You Want

Traditionally, Choice Page destinations are for retailers selling the same product, but they don’t have to be.

Kevin from The Basic Filmmaker has been experimenting with Choice Pages, and has shared some interesting ideas!

Get creative and experiment!

What are we missing? What’s been most impactful to you?