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Looking Back to the Future: 2014 in Review

 2015 is upon us, and although we don’t have our hoverboards or time traveling DeLoreans, this year is shaping up to be monumental for GeoRiot.  As we move into the new year and approach our 5th birthday this February, we wanted to take a look back at all of the incredible milestones that you helped us achieve in 2014!

2014 was a busy time. For the second year in a row, total clicks served was well into the billions and we saw fantastic triple-digit growth in our client base over the year. In addition, we have added all sorts of new features to our service:


  • We released the Groups page and the ability to add Affiliate Overrides,” making it easier for you to organize and track collections of links, as well as allowing you to “override” the default affiliate parameters when needed.
Groups Page and Affiliate Overrides
Groups Page and Affiliate Overrides



Now unveiling the new GeoRiot Dashboard! Try not to drool TOO much.
Now unveiling the new GeoRiot Dashboard! Try not to drool TOO much.
  • Our support for the Amazon Associates Program came out of its beta phase, bringing globally aware affiliate linking to the Amazon ecosystem. An enormous milestone in GeoRiot history!
Amazon support goes live and fully functional. The Riot continues to grow!



  • A Genius is born. We released the all-new “” links domain: which allows you to better connect your paying customers with the products they want to buy. Genius links help you bridge the “Purchasing Gap,” with the addition of all new “advanced targeting” rules and a full whitelist of supported domains.
Bridge the "Purchasing Gap" with Genius Links.
Bridge the “Purchasing Gap” with Genius Links.



  • We analyzed half a million clicks to demonstrate the lifespan of an online music album release in our post titled The Drop.”
Final Header GeoRiot-Infograph-The-Drop
An Album’s life cycle measured in clicks



Charting Amazon Associates
Your resource to getting the most out of the Amazon Associates Program



  • Affiliating Amazon links in your WordPress site got a whole lot easier with the release of the Amazon Link Engine.
Amazon Link Engine WordPress Plugin.
Amazon Link Engine WordPress Plugin.
  • We made it possible to integrate our technology into your own development project with the GeoRiot API.
GeoRiot API Interface
GeoRiot API Interface
  • We brought you the most accurate conversion metric available for iTunes with the Relative Conversion Score, giving you valuable insight into which marketing campaigns are most effective.
Curious which promotions lead to sales? We can help.
Curious which promotions lead to sales? We can help.



Top 25 Affiliate Marketing Minds of 2014



  • We continued to help you further monetize your WordPress site by releasing the iTunes Link Engine.
iTunes Link Engine
iTunes Link Engine WordPress Plugin


In addition, we have also had the amazing privilege of being featured on these incredible websites and would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone involved:

All in all 2014 was an incredible year for the team at GeoRiot! Thanks to all of you out there who have helped GeoRiot become what it is today. We are honored to continue working with you in the New Year and promise to continue providing you with the industry’s best tools for maximizing all of your marketing efforts. Stay tuned, we have big plans for 2015!


Team GeoRiot