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5 New Widgets Announced

An additional five widgets were recently announced by iTunes for their affiliate program. These new widgets, plus the original five released in June, are fully supported by GeoRiot. Creating a widget with the Widget Builder, after accessing the tool from inside the GeoRiot dashboard, will ensure that your international traffic will receive the same attention it would get with any GeoRiot link – good user experience and no potential lost commissions.

Widgets and the Widget Builder are not the only iTunes/ App Store affiliate tools that GeoRiot supports. Our clients can also use the Link Maker tool and RSS Feed Generator tools to create GeoRiot enabled links. Simply access these tools from within the GeoRiot dashboard following these steps to create links or feeds that will work world wide.

  • 1. Login to the GeoRiot dashboard.
  • 2. Click “Account” from the top navigation
  • 3. Click “Manage Websites”
  • 4. Click “Manage Affiliate Networks” for the property you wish to build a link, widget or feed for.
  • 5. Under the “Tools” header click the tool you wish to access for the relevant country. Please note that the country you select will then become the base country for these links.

Good luck and please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.