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Email Marketing: 7 Powerful Tools To Grow Your Subscriber List


Whether you’re attempting to grow your blog’s audience or trying to connect with early adopters for your startup, building your email subscriber list is likely to be one of your toughest challenges. Today’s savvy consumer is hesitant to give up their email address unless the pros significantly outweigh the cons. It is your job to make sure they fully realize the benefits of subscribing to your updates; whether you use FOMO (fear of missing out) to garner their interest or offer special rewards for new subscribers, growing your email subscriber list is job No. 1.

You can adopt a passive attitude and just hope your list grows, or you can adopt a growth hacker’s mentality and do everything in your power to build an audience for your brand. Social media outreach is great, but when it comes to ROI for effort, email outreach just can’t be beat. According to 2015 research by Econsultancy (reported by eMarketer), 66 percent of companies indicated that email delivered good/excellent ROI, compared to only 35 percent for social media. If you haven’t increased your efforts to build your email subscriber list, it is absolutely crucial you do so now. When social media networks can alter their algorithms without any notice and impact your company’s audience outreach, it is imperative you control at least one of your brand-building channels. Email marketing lets you control not only who receives your brand message, but the appearance and formatting of that message tool. Call-to-action messages and email analytics are both within your control (unlike some social media platforms). Owned media will always outperform content shared on someone else’s platform, since you control the flow of information and how that content is utilized.

But an awesome email subscriber list won’t just magically happen. You need to be strategic in developing your band of merry followers. Luckily for today’s brand builders, there are more email acquisition tools than ever before. If you want to apply a growth hacker’s mentality toward growing your subscriber list, here are seven top tools you can consider:

Email Hunter

If you have specific companies you want to engage with, Email Hunter is a must-use tool. This powerful resource lets you discover email addresses for specific domains. Offering both a web interface and a Chrome extension, you can find relevant contacts to help grow your business. Being on an email subscription list should always be an opt-in process; Email Hunter just makes it easier to make the first introduction.


Email Breaker

If you’re not sure what format companies use for their email addresses, Email Breaker is a must-use tool. Simply type in the name of a company you hope to engage with and Email Breaker will let you know the email format for that company. Connect with universities, businesses, or even non-profit organizations.


Lukewarm Emailer

If you want to use email to connect with folks on Twitter, add Lukewarm Emailer to your resource list. This handy tool will provide you with email addresses based on Twitter handles you supply.


Find Any Email on LinkedIn

If you want to connect with LinkedIn users in the hopes of them eventually signing up for your email list, add the Find Any Email on LinkedIn Chrome extension to your browser. This helpful extension lets you hunt for email addresses on LinkedIn, although it is best used in a slow and methodical manner to avoid being labeled as a spammer.

Website: Chrome Webstore

Datanyze Insider

Datanyze also offers a Chrome extension for discovering emails. Simply click on the Datanyze link in your browser bar while visiting any website and find email addresses for relevant contacts. Finding prospects for your email subscriber list really couldn’t be any easier.

Website: Chrome Webstore

Find Any Email

Find Any Email hunts for email addresses via publicly available social media profiles. Input first and last name and company URL, and Find Any Email will provide you with a corresponding email address.


Really Good Emails

Once you have grown your email subscriber list, it is crucial that you deliver quality content to your subscribers. Really Good Emails helps you discover powerful newsletters on a variety of topics. Find awesome email samples you can emulate on topics like product launches, customer appreciation, and service announcements. Whether you’re looking for e-commerce email newsletters or user onboarding samples, you’ll find what you seek with Really Good Emails.


With powerful tools like these at your disposal, building your email subscriber list is an easy task to master. Connect with potential subscribers and introduce yourself; if your offering is irresistible, they will gladly sign up for your email list. Always think of your subscribers first and offer content they’ll be thrilled to receive. After making the effort to build your list, the last thing you want is for recipients to hit the unsubscribe button. How many of the above-listed resources will you be using to build connections and grow your email subscriber list?