Affiliate Marketing Links: Terms You Need to Know

Link Management can be intimidating to anyone, but we are here to help! Here at Geniuslink, we make link management easy. We understand that sometimes we get a little carried away with our terms and jargon regarding links ( we just get so excited!) So we made this page to define some of our vocabulary, so nothing gets lost in translation.

We will go over:

  • Geniuslink
  • Localization
  • How to tell how much of your audience is international
  • Tracking
  • Link management
  • Broken Links
  • Choice pages
  • Auto Affiliation
  • CRO
  • A/B testing

First of all, what is Geniuslink?

Geniuslink is a link management software the helps marketers squeeze more out of their links. Our service makes localizing, tracking, and managing smart links dead simple, so you can earn more without added work.

Okay, but what is localization then?

This is where we get into the weeds. Many companies optimize pages for different countries. If someone from France clicks on your link, they can be shown a website in the right language and currency (which makes their buying experience better!)

So, localization is what we call it when we send a click to a specific website based on its location / country. If you share a link that uses as its destination, and someone in France clicks it and ends up at, we’ve localized that shopper’s experience.

Localization for affiliate links

With one link, we send every visitor to the right product in their country’s Amazon store. All while earning commissions from each Associates program.

How to tell how much of your audience is international

Knowing your audience can help you make content, and make decisions for your brand.

We got you covered! Here are 7 tools that you may already have at your fingertips that can tell you exactly how much of your audience is international.

Now that we have that down, you may be asking “What do we mean by link tracking?”

UTM tagging

A UTM code is a snippet of simple code that you can add to the end of a URL to track the performance of campaigns and content.

Campaign: This is the large scale effort, or reason, you’re creating a link. Examples might include “summer-promotion” or “meetup-group” or “sean-connery” (if you just happen to have a promotion with Sir Sean Connery running).

Content: Use the keyword in the headline of an image ad, or the “theme” of the Facebook ad for this parameter. For example, maybe your call to action is “GeteBook” vs “SubscribeNow.” Use those as CTAs in this parameter.

Not to worry if you’re getting a bit overwhelmed. Not only do we offer consulting, but link management is our jam.For more on UTM tracking check out our page on it here.

Broken Links

Amazon products are constantly updating, going out of stock, or being pulled from the marketplace entirely. This can lead to broken links, or unexpected link behavior. Linking to a product that is in stock and available to be bought results in higher conversions and higher earnings per click. While linking to a product that is no longer available is a bad user experience and can significantly impact your commissions.

Amazon Link Health Monitor

The Amazon Link Health Monitor continuously monitors your links. It watches for clicks on your Amazon links, checks for errors that may cause a failure in translation, as well as for products that may have gone out of stock. When we detect a link that is no longer translating properly, we’ll add an alert to the top of your Home Page. The higher the link is in the list, the more clicks it got that resulted in one of the two types of errors.

Types of Link Errors

“Unable to localize”: This means you are not receiving enough information from Amazon. Since we’re not receiving product information from the Amazon API, we can’t take advantage of our full product matching algorithms to find the product across Amazon’s regional storefronts. Please note you can still set per-country destinations manually by editing this link and adding Advanced Targets.

“Out of stock”: The product is out of stock. Note that the out-of-stock status can be temporary! Be sure to test the links and use your best judgment when deciding whether to change a link destination.

Now that we have covered how we prevent you from losing money, lets talk about how Geniulink can earn you EXTRA revenue.

Choice Pages

Maximize revenue by giving your shoppers freedom of choice, without cluttering your site or social media. Choice pages are a customized landing page that allow your audience to have a choice where they are shopping from. All the while you can cash out from multiple affiliate programs.

One link. Multiple destinations. Diversify your income and turn your audience into confident comparison shoppers who are more likely to buy. Learn more about Choice Pages.

Automatic Affiliation

We support automatic affiliation for Amazon, iTunes, Microsoft, Walmart, B&H Photo Video, and affiliate aggregators like VigLink and Skimlinks. This means that once you connect your tracking IDs to your account (via the Affiliate page) you don’t have to include your tracking IDs in the destination URL itself when building links!

This makes it easy to build links and Choice Pages and saves you time.

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

Conversion rate optimization or CRO is exactly what it sounds like. Optimizing (or improving) your conversion rate. This is done by getting your audience to take specific actions like buying a product, downloading a PDF, or subscribing to a newsletter.

Calculating your current conversion rate is pretty easy if you have the data available. Use this formula:

CR = Total number of conversions ÷ total number of visitors

Once you have this information, you can have a baseline conversion rate. Now running tests to optimize your conversion rate becomes possible.

A/B Testing Links

Automatically route a percentage of your clicks to different destinations for the same audience segment. Compare landing page and storefront performance. We have tons of resources on how to run experiments to increase your earnings.

We also walk you through How to Run an Experiment Step by Step with Choice Pages so you can see if Choice Pages optimize your conversion rate.

Hopefully, these terms were helpful. If you still have questions we would love to chat! Drop us a line