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Finding Affiliate Marketing Success with Human Proof Designs

Dom Wells the owner of Human Proof Designs

We recently sat down with Dom Wells the owner of Human Proof Designs to talk about how he got started with affiliate marketing, what prompted him to create Human Proof Designs and his tips and pointers to find success as an affiliate marketer.

Dom Wells got started with affiliate marketing back in 2012 when he was teaching English in Taiwan. He wanted to earn more money, so he looked online knowing that there would be more opportunity for him there.

“My first few sites didn’t do very well, but after about 6 months, I was making $500 per month. It took me another year before I was able to grow that to $1,000 per month, which was a very hard year. I thought I was never going to become successful. I just refused to quit and eventually, I was able to grow that to where I am today.”

Dom knew his efforts were paying off when he first starting earning $500 a month. It made him realize that if he could hit $500, he could probably hit $1,500 and maybe even $5,000. Then he hit $10,000 per month.

“Hitting $10,000 per month was also pretty significant because it was the first time I felt ‘rich’ as an affiliate marketer.”

Eventually, Dom became a super affiliate boasting a 100+ person team which he explains mostly comes down to Human Proof Designs. “As we sold more sites and services to our customers, we had to grow the team to fulfill demand. Now we can leverage that team for our own sites too, so it has helped us scale our affiliate site portfolio.”

Dom was prompted to create Human Proof Designs when he used to browse marketplaces where you can buy websites. He notices that one marketplace, in particular, had a lot of scams where he says people were just selling these “BS ‘turnkey’ websites” with promises of making money instantly without any effort. Dom says he realized that there was clearly a market for people who wanted ‘done-for-you’ services and “turkey websites” so he resolved to make a business which would sell legit starter websites with realistic expectations. After that, he realized people would also need the training to go with it, so he and his team built the business around teaching affiliate marketing, created some courses and started offering the services.

Dom explains that the goals of Human Proof Designs are for affiliate marketers, whether beginners or more advanced, to think of Human Proof Designs as the place they go to learn affiliate marketing techniques and to purchase services to help them execute those techniques. Dom says, “We’re already there, but we can always get better.”

Anyone can take advantage of the Human Proof Method course. Dom explains that it’s split up in a way that beginners will be able to learn, but more advanced people will also be able to jump in and get tidbits of information as well. “We have essentially downloaded years of experience from our brains and dumped them into an organized course, so who wouldn’t benefit from that?” says Dom. “People will be able to learn anything from the basics of keyword research to advanced backlink building techniques. We also help [affiliate marketers] to understand how everything fits together by explaining the path a customer takes from a Google search to making a purchase and earning you a commission.”

The Human Proof Method course also covers PPC, email marketing, conversions, niche research, digital products, Clickbank, the Amazon Associates Program, content creation, and even outsourcing. “We’ve got 17 modules covering 155 lessons and we will keep adding to these over time,” says Dom.

Dom and his team have witnessed immense success achieved by some of the affiliate marketers that have gone through their training. “One person who has gone through our training and used a lot of our article services has sold a website for $400,000 USD after having it earn over $10,000 per month for a year. So that’s the high-end potential. Many others have also been able to quit their jobs or at least earn decent incomes from our sites and training, proving that the vast majority of people increase their online earnings as a result of our services and teaching” says Dom.

If Dom could give one piece of advice to affiliate marketers it would be to always keep learning and to understand that if you aren’t seeing results, that’s just the way it goes. “It doesn’t mean you’re a failure, or you’re going to fail. It just means you need to keep at it for longer. That being said, you don’t want to just keep doing the same thing over and over again, so definitely try multiple things.”

To learn more about Human Proof Designs, check out their recently launched course.

Photo by Jungwoo Hong.