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5 Great Affiliate Programs For YouTubers

What are some great affiliate programs for YouTubers to get started with is a frequent question for us?

We are lucky that we often find ourselves working with both incredible YouTubers while also enjoying excellent relationships with many of the world’s most popular affiliate programs.

So if you are a YouTuber who wants to introduce some affiliate marketing revenues into your income stream, here are five great affiliate programs to consider.

Affiliate Programs For YouTubers

1. Amazon

While this one might seem painfully obvious, we still need to mention it. Amazon has dozens of storefronts across the globe, and it’s a routine part of the shopping habits of millions of people. Also, you can buy all kinds of products on there, so whether you’re making videos about fashion or electronics, Amazon is a great starting point.

Here is some more info about the Amazon Affiliate program.

2. Moment

You might have never heard of it, which is why we’re mentioning it. We love the work the folks at Moment are doing. It’s a fantastic shop for all kinds of gear for creators, so if you’re talking about video gear (or linking to your own) – Moment is an outstanding affiliate program for YouTubers.

Here is some more info about the Moment program, as well as a guide on how it works with Geniuslink.

3. B&H Photo Video

B&H Photo Video is another fantastic program for anyone linking to audio or video gear. There isn’t a better group of people than the folks at BH Photo video, and they run a great affiliate program. BH Photo Video sells a ton of great video, photo, and computer gear at affordable prices with incredible customer service, so your audience is bound to love shopping with them.

Here is some more info about the B&H Photo Video program, as well as a guide on how it works with Geniuslink.

4. Walmart

Walmart keeps upping its digital game. And much like Amazon, their footprint and breadth of inventory are massive. If you’re looking for a “buy just about anything” option to add to your repertoire, Walmart is a great affiliate program option for YouTubers.

Here is some more info about the WalMart affiliate program, as well as a guide on how it works with Geniuslink.

5. It Depends

There are a variety of programs that we could mention here. A lot of it depends on what category you’re producing content in. Like, if you’re making videos about home improvement, Home Depot is a popular option. Fashion, how about the Gap or Nordstrom? Interior design, what about Wayfair? Makeup, how about Sephora?

You get the point. If you are unsure, check out this article about the top affiliate marketing programs by country.

If you are reading this and still are not quite what affiliate programs to get started, let me give you a tip.

Try a few.

Until you get in there and start experimenting, it is almost impossible to figure out what affiliate program will work best for you and your audience. What might work for you might be different than what works for your peers, and vice versa.

The easiest way to try multiple affiliate programs is by employing our Choice Pages technology. It will allow you to offer your viewers various options, and then they get to pick the one that works best for them. It’s a pretty good deal, as in return, you get to learn the best affiliate program for you.

While a lot of these affiliate programs for YouTubers are focused on the US, we absolutely encourage you to explore affiliate programs in the countries most relevant to you and your customers.