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All-New Affiliate Page, Support for PHG and More

When we released our all-new dashboard 3.0 earlier this summer, we told you to be on the lookout for a series of additional updates to be rolled out over the next several months. With that in mind, we wanted to tell you about a couple of big improvements and the latest affiliate network to be supported by GeoRiot – all of which hit your dashboard today!

Connect Affiliate
New affiliate program tools help you organize and
manage all of your affiliate tokens from one page in
your dashboard.

New Affiliate Page
First, get to know the all-new Affiliate page – your hub for connecting and managing eachof your affiliate programs. To get there, simply click the ‘Affiliate’ tab on your home screen navigation bar or ‘Add Affiliate Program’ – same as always. We’d heard from some of you that the old layout was difficult to work through, particularly when it came to adding your affiliate parameters. With that in mind we completely redesigned the page to give it a similar look and feel as the rest of the dashboard, but more importantly to improve usability and workflow.

Now, add and remove affiliate tracking parameters quickly and easily all on one page using our affiliate management tools. To help with entering affiliate parameters, we’ve added an auto detect feature to help prevent mixing up your countries’ individual parameters. This will kick in whether you’re working with example links (LinkShare, DGM or Tradedoubler) or affiliate tokens (Amazon Associates or PHG).

AdBlocker Detector

With some help from our clients, we noticed that one of the more popular browser plugins, AdBlocker, was clashing with our Ajax calls to populate charts in the dashboard. To fix this, we added some code that will detect if AdBlocker is being used on your system and send you an alert to adjust your browser settings to get the most out of our dashboard. If you’d prefer to do so manually, you can always check on this in your plugin settings and add the domain to the ignored list.

PHG Support

Last but not least, we’ve launched support for Apple’s new Affiliate Platform, Performance Horizon Group (PHG). Be prepared when DGM and LinkShare-based iTunes links are deprecated on October 1st by ensuring your links affiliate with PHG. Start by adding your PHG token (found in the upper right hand corner of the PHG dashboard) into your GeoRiot dashboard, using our new Affiliate page.

All PHG-supported countries are now also supported by GeoRiot and can be managed from your dashboard.

Next, we’ll automatically add all of the countries you don’t support (but PHG does) to your dashboard. For countries that you do currently support, and are running via DGM or LinkShare, that you’d like to move to be supported by PHG, simply scroll to that particular country on your affiliate page and on the right side click ‘Remove’. Doing this will automatically place it in the PHG group. Refresh the page and you’ll be good to go. Earning international commissions through PHG with GeoRiot is as simple as that!

As always, your feedback and comments are what help us refine our product to better suit your affiliate linking needs. Please don’t hesitate to drop us a line!