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How to Double Your Amazon Affiliate Commissions

How To Double Your Amazon Affiliate Commissions?

Recently our CEO gave a presentation about just this topic. A presentation that was really well received, so we decided to write out some of the key lessons and takeaways.

doubling your amazon commission by going global

Before we dive into this, let’s take a step back and consider the facts.

The Amazon Affiliate Ecosystem is massive.

In 2017, Amazon had $186B in Gross Merchandise Revenue. 6% of that came from affiliate sales. Assume an average 5% commission and we’re looking at paid out Amazon affiliate commissions of about $560 million per year.

That buys a lot of tacos.

So how does one go about capturing some of that revenue?

Let me tell you. If you don’t want to read on, here is the key insight.

Think beyond Think globally. Because the world is flat and all that.

No really, Amazon right now has 13 different affiliate programs across the globe. And once you get past a bit of one-time setup work – it takes zero extra work to “globalize” your affiliate links.

We’ll get into all the nitty-gritty details throughout this article, but that’s the big takeaway. If you’re going to build affiliate links, you might as well make them global.

So, here is the million dollar question.

Are You Already Earning International Commissions?

Let us find out.

Step 1.
Find one of your links and copy it to your clipboard.

Step 2.
Go to and test that link in three countries.

If the link brings you to, you’re not earning international commissions right now. Which is likely, because for some bonkers reason links don’t properly globalize.

Now, thanks to Amazon OneLink (yay – but unfortunately it really doesn’t work all that well) some of the links on your site might be globalized. Yet, the reality is that a lot of your affiliate promotion likely happens outside of your website. Like on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube – this thing called social media.

Anyway, this is not supposed to be a rant on OneLink (BUT COULDN’T AMAZON JUST BUILD SOMETHING THAT WORKS FOR MOST PEOPLE). So let’s move on.

Here is the next big question.

Does earning International Commissions make sense for you? The key data point here is to figure out is whether or not your audience is international.

There are a few ways to find out.

Let’s say you’re a YouTuber.

Step 1
Hop into YouTube and navigate to your “Watch time” / Geography report.

Step 2
How much of your traffic is “international”? How many countries does
Amazon cover?

Let’s say you have a website with Google Analytics installed.

Step 1
For your website or blog hop into GA. Click “Audience” then “Geo” and “Location”.

Step 2
How much of your traffic is “international”? How many countries does
Amazon cover?

Let’s say you serve your affiliate links on other people’s websites.

Head on over to Similarweb, type in the URL and that’s the easiest way to get
approximate geodata. Take it with a grain of salt, as that data can be fairly inaccurate, especially for smaller sites.

Regardless, you’ll likely have a good idea now about how much of your audience might be international. Is it 5% of your total audience? 20%? 40%?

So starting at what percentage does it make sense to globalize all your links.

Short, not a really valuable answer. It depends.

Short, but much more valuable answer.

The medium answer to expand on the short answer.
For every 10% of international traffic, you can often add 3-4% back to your top line.

Long answer, elaborating a bit on our “it depends” response.

How close do your top countries match Amazon’s stores?
What products are you promoting? Are they available internationally?
What is the price point? What are the commission rates?

But honestly, I’d just stick to the 10% rule. Because a) most of the work you’ll have to do to get this set-up is one-time only. And b), there are other benefits of doing this, mostly a much better user experience for people clicking on your links.

Honestly, a lot of our clients actually have a really significant percentage of international traffic, readers, viewers, and listeners. Some upwards of 50%, and very often it turns out to be the fastest growing segment of their audience. That’s why it’s absolutely possible to double (or more) the Amazon commissions you can earn.

Ok, we have come to a point in this article where I am going to ask you two questions. If you can answer “yes” to both of them, read on. If not, you can go back to regular life. By the way, have you seen Jack Ryan yet? I loved it.

Do you have Amazon affiliate links on your site / social media / YouTube?
Do you have more than 10% international traffic?

Still with me?

Awesome. Now let’s show you how to sign up for the various international affiliate programs. And for that, rather than writing everything up, I’ll let you watch that particular segment from Jesse’s presentation.

Just to recap a couple of points about signing up for various Amazon affiliate programs.

This is something you only have to do once. It takes a little bit of time (about 30 minutes), but once it’s all set-up, there is no additional work to maintain. The sooner you do this, the sooner you’ll be able to start earning extra Amazon affiliate commissions.
You should start with the “easy” ones – UK, Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, and France. The 80/20 principle makes a lot of sense with this.

Ok, so you have signed up for the programs that make most for you. What’s next?

Building global links. Let’s show you how.

How To Build Global Amazon Affiliate Links?

So there are two ways to go about this. One you can use regular Amazon links taken from within the various countries’ affiliate program. But honestly, that’s a pain in the neck and unfortunately, you’d have to share them all in order to maximize your affiliate earnings. There are situations where that might work (like your YouTube description) but most times it doesn’t? Can you imagine sharing five different tweets to cover all your key countries?

So, if you want to do this without losing your mind, you need to use a tool that allows you to build one link that then automatically forwards the visitor to the right storefront for their country. A tool like Geniuslink. Which, and let’s be honest, that’s why we decided to put all this work into Jesse’s training video and this article. It’s all part of our world domination plan.

We want you!In all seriousness, there are other tools. But ours is the only one that is a) safe to use with Amazon and b) has all the features you need so earning international Amazon affiliate commissions is as easy as stealing candy from a baby. Honestly, at this point, you could just put me out of misery and sign up already. We have a free trial and once you log in, you’ll see how fun and easy it is to build global Amazon Affiliate links.

Still reading?

Are you kidding me? Sign up already.

Alright, what the heck. Let’s teach you to build global affiliate links (by the way, you can build any and all links with our tool, not just affiliate links) with Geniuslink.

Cue the film.

Aight, so you figured out that it makes sense for you to become a global affiliate earner.

You have decided to sign up for some international affiliate programs.

You have signed up for Geniuslink and are building links like a madwoman.

You’re considering retroactively naming one of your children Jesse. Both of our original co-founders are named Jesse and they’re blushing right now. And it’s not a good look for either one of them. But I digress.

You’re generating clicks and are earning commissions.

Life is good. Bling. Bling.

So here comes the million dollar question.

How in the world are you going to get the money out of those countries and into your bank account?

Bringing Global Amazon Affiliate Commissions Back Into Your Wallet

Full transparency.

This used to be hard. Like really hard. We have earned millions of dollars in global Amazon commissions and we’d be lying if we claimed that the thought of marrying an Indian citizen hadn’t crossed our minds at least a time or dozen.

But then, thanks to services like Payoneer and Cuelinks appeared and we got to stay happily married and none of our interns had to prematurely tie the knot either.

So again, I am going to show you a video clip. Even better, we also created a couple pieces of super deep content about the topic.

The Amazon Associates Guide to Collecting International Commissions
Amazon Affiliates – How To Use Payoneer To Get Paid From Anywhere

And if learning via video is more your style, well, here we go:

Ok, that’s it. What do you think? Is becoming an international Amazon affiliate commission earning machine gonna be your thing?

We think it should be, and we’d love to be your partner along the way.

What other questions can we answer for you?

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