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Amazon Associates Affiliate Links

It is no secret that Amazon is a powerhouse online retailer. Established in 1995, Amazon has been reaching new heights every year, especially in the socially distant period we are in now. Part of Amazons success is their flourishing Affiliate Program. The Amazon Affiliates Program, otherwise known as the Amazon Associates Program, is the most popular affiliate program in the world.

In this blog, we will cover:

  • What Are Amazon Associate Links?
  • How to Create Amazon Affiliate Links
  • Examples of Where to Place Amazon Affiliate Links

Let’s dive in!

What Are Amazon Associate Links?

Before I answer this question, I feel I should talk about what an Amazon Associate is. An Amazon Associate is someone (creator, blogger, publisher) who recommends products on Amazon by sharing a unique link to that product. If someone uses the link to purchase the recommended product, then the creator, blogger, publisher, what have you, gets a cut of the sale- or a commission.

Amazon is unique because even if the product you recommended is not bought if the person who used your link buys something else, you still get the commission.

So, an Amazon Associate link is a link to a product that you are in essence recommending to your audience. You can see an example on one here:

what are amazon links

The drawback of these links, however, is if you have an international audience, they do not localize. Meaning, if you’re recommending a product, and someone outside of your Country follows that link, it will take that audience member to the wrong storefront.

For example, if someone from The UK clicked on an Amazon link that was posted from someone from the U.S., they will land in the U.S. storefront, which because of currency differences they likely cannot purchase anything on.

This would cause them to move to the Amazon UK storefront, which your link didn’t take them to, so you wouldn’t get the commission. But fret not, there are services like Geniuslink to help make sure you do not miss out on your international commission after you create your Amazon Affiliate Links.

How to Create Amazon Affiliate Links

The first step is to make sure that you are signed in to your Amazon Associate account, you’ll need to have or create an Amazon Account for this. Amazon will then prompt you to fill out an application of sorts, this won’t take long to fill out.

Once you have created your account, you will be sent to a dashboard on your personal Associate Homepage, now we can start creating Amazon Associate Links. Your Dashboard will look something like this:

create amazon affiliate links

The next step is to click on the “Product Linking” button on the bar on the top of the page.

amazon product linking

When the menu drops down, click on “Product Linking.” Amazon uses something called an ASIN to keep track of all of their products, this stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number. Search the ASIN or the product you want to link to, then you can look through their catalog.

Search for any product

I searched for socks- since my search was super broad I got tons of results.

Socks search results

Next is to click the arrow next to the “Get Link” button. A screen will pop up where you can shorten your Amazon Associate link.

Get links for socks

When this pops up, click the “shorten URL with” button.

Copy and paste the link below example

Then you will be left with your Amazon Affiliate link to paste into your descriptions and social media.

Text link, copy and paste the link below. Example

Examples of Where to Place Amazon Affiliate Links

Now that we know what Amazon Associate Links are and how to make them, we can now start making money from them! One of the most popular places to post links is Youtube, this is because you can have working links in video descriptions, and you can have multiple links in the description of a single video.

As I mentioned before, Amazon Affiliate Links can make you lose out on affiliate commissions, so many Youtubers will use Geniuslink to convert their Amazon links into smart links and capture that international commission.

Additionally, a lot of YouTubers do product reviews, which is an awesome way to share links- especially if they can highly recommend the product. Check out our blog on sharing links on Youtube here.

Linus Tech Tips uses Geniuslink, so his Amazon Affiliate Links look a little different, but his YouTube descriptions are a great example of how to share your affiliate links. Those links? Those are Amazon links that are just a little smart about where they send who clicks on them! You can also see that he also takes advantage of other affiliate programs (Newegg) which we highly recommend!

Example of In text links

Other Social Media Platforms are also great for affiliate links, and also driving traffic to your blog or channel, so you can better promote your links.

Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are great for your affiliate practice, we go deeper into managing those in our blog on Using Social Media To Grow Your Affiliate practice.

Additionally, promoting Amazon Affiliate Links on your blog is a great way to grow your commissions as well. Especially because you can embed them, like this. (See? It took you to the sock link we made earlier!) So you can seamlessly tell a story or write a product review- as long as you clarify that you will make money if someone clicks on your link (which if you use that link our account will get a commission).


I hope this helped on your way to becoming an Amazon Affiliate Links superstar! And if you have any other questions, feel free to ask in the comments below- we are here to help!