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The “Other” Amazon Storefronts

Most affiliate marketers in the Amazon ecosystem are familiar with the major Amazon Storefronts

But there are three “other” storefronts that get a whole lot less attention.

What are these other storefronts?

Amazon AU  amazon mx 2  amazon nl 2

Amazon Australia, Mexico, and The Netherlands are the newest additions for the global e-commerce giant. The storefront for The Netherlands just went live in November of 2014, while the Mexico and Australia stores opened in August and November of 2013.


What makes these storefronts different?

While all of the major Amazon storefronts have affiliate programs and sell physical goods, these lesser known storefronts only sell digital products, primarily e-books, and lack an affiliate program.


What does this mean for Affiliate Marketers?

Unfortunately, these newer storefronts have yet to release an Associates program, or an API. This means we cannot programmatically build links, and you cannot collect commissions. However, if you still want to guarantee your end users an optimal experience, you can use Geniuslink’s Advanced Targeting Rule.

To setup an Advanced Targeting Rule on a Genius link, follow these simple instructions:

1. Click on the “Advanced Targeting” Icon under the links tab in your dashboard.




2. Click the “If” icon.

Advanced Targeting 1

3. Enter the country where the clicks you are redirecting will originate and submit.

advanced targeting 2

4. Enter the alternate URL where you want users from this country to be sent, save, and you’re done! All users from this country will be sent to the alternate URL you specified.


Earning Potential

We’re confident that monetization will happen soon for these stores – for example Amazon UK started as a digital only store just like these, and now they are Amazon’s second largest store! So rest assured, as soon as Australia, Mexico, and The Netherlands release an affiliate program and API, Geniuslink will add full support for each of them. We’ll be sure to keep you posted when this happens so you don’t miss the boat!

Contact us if you have any questions about setting up an “Advanced Targeting Rule,” or want to know more about the different Amazon stores. We are always happy to help.



Team GeoRiot

Update: As of August, 2015, Amazon Mexico now has a full fledged physical and digital goods selling storefront and Associates Program. Woohoo! Geniuslink fully supports and the corresponding Associates Program. Be sure to sign up and use Geniuslink to capitalize on this additional opportunity to monetize. Currently, Amazon Mexico requires a local bank account to issue payment, but we’ll let you know as soon as this changes.