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Beta Ends For Amazon Support

We are excited to announce that GeoRiot hit another huge milestone today – our support for the Amazon Associates program has officially finished its beta period!

It’s been nine months since we initiated our public beta for Amazon.  In that time, with the help of over two hundred clients, we’ve served over a million clicks and made significant refinements to support the global Amazon ecosystem.  Here are a few of the features that our clients helped us create that set us apart from other link platforms or global redirect services:


Custom translation logic.

In the beta we picked the top 17 product categories and customized our patent pending translation algorithms for each category.  This ensures your users, no matter where in the world they are, get the best possible user experience in their local Amazon marketplace.  We will add custom support for additional categories over the coming months, as well as continue to refine the translation logic for the existing categories.



The latest round of upgrades for reporting in the GeoRiot dashboard also added support for Amazon. These included top ten reports for clicks by: country, product types, tracking tag, referrer, device, browser, and operating system – and that’s just the start.  We will continue to bring reporting for Amazon to parity with the world class reporting we offer for iTunes and App Store Affiliate Program.


Sales and Commissions.

On top of link translation and click reporting, we also added international sales and commission reporting. This allows the aggregation of commissions from the multiple international Amazon Affiliate Programs, across multiple currencies and time ranges into a single report providing you with the concise analytics that you’ve come to expect from GeoRiot.


Other Notes.

With the completion of the beta period, we’ll now be initiating our “Pay with Clicks” compensation model. For new clients, the introduction of “Click Share” won’t go into effect until 14 days after your initial sign up, which is the standard “trial” window for the GeoRiot service.  For existing clients, 15% of your international clicks (following our rules around “active”,  “passive” and total clicks) will start being shared with GeoRiot tomorrow.


Signing Up.

If you haven’t yet signed up for Amazon’s Associate program, you can find our guide on how to do so on our site. We also have details on how to add your Amazon accounts to the GeoRiot dashboard in our Getting Started guide. Please reach out to us if you have any questions about this change and a huge thanks to everyone who has helped us in reaching this momentous occasion!