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GeoRiot Introduces Freemium Plan

It's look choose your own adventure, but better.

Just as the iTunes / App Store ends an era with their switch to the exclusive use of PHG, GeoRiot will be starting a new chapter by introducing multiple account plans in a freemium model tailored to better support our growing user base and their various needs.

We understand that not everyone needs our full set of tools, and some users (such as independent authors or app developers) only need basic localization for their links, but prefer the use of our management platform and favor the in-depth reporting we provide. It doesn’t make much sense for those users to “pay” the same click share since their needs are different, so as of today we are introducing a new plan that starts with 0% click share, and a third plan later in Spring.

At this point you’re probably curious what that new plan includes, so without further ado, here’s the feature breakdown for each:

Core Plan (0% Click Share*)

*Note that a GeoRiot link will always point a user to the most appropriate item in their local storefront, and sometimes this requires that we completely rebuild the URL with a new item ID.  We call this “link translation,” and in the Core plan translated links are affiliated with our house parameters, while all non-translated links use yours.

Premium Plan (15% Click Share)

In addition we have a few new features that we’ll be rolling out in the coming month that will fall under the Premium Plan.  These include:

  • API access, including remote access to all of our reporting
  • Genius Links (an awesome tool to add even more smarts to how your traffic is handled)

Starting today, you’ll see a “Plans” option under “Account” in your dashboard.  From this page you can view the details of each plan and choose the most appropriate one based off your needs. By default you’ll remain in the Premium Plan, with our full feature set, but should you want to downgrade, you’ll need to select the Core Plan.

New users, by default, will stay on the Premium Plan after the 14-day trial. However, you can downgrade at any time after that period.

Also, if you upgrade from Core to Premium you won’t be eligible to downgrade until 14 days after the upgrade date. We do this to discourage “gaming” of our system and appreciate your understanding with this process. If you mistakenly upgrade, feel free to contact us and we’ll get you taken care of.

We know everyone loves options so we’ll also be rolling out a Custom plan in the near future.  With this plan you can pick and choose the features that matter to you. For this plan, the click share will vary based off what you select.

We’re very excited to unveil these new account plans for our users and look forward to continuing to refine our service. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about any of the plans, please let us know.  Your feedback is essential in helping us continue to move forward in building and refining GeoRiot into the best link management platform in the world!