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App Developers and GeoRiot

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As an App Developer, you have a lot to keep track of between squashing bugs, managing SDKs, and scheming up new features. This probably means the last thing that you’ll want to spend your precious time on is learning about affiliate marketing, worrying about your links to the App Store, or setting up another service.

However – those links are the gateway between your apps and new users, and via the iTunes Affiliate Program can become a healthy source of secondary revenue.  Fortunately, GeoRiot was built from the ground up to make the whole process with PHG super easy, and unlocks even more functionality and deeper reporting.  Below are a few best practices that will help you maximize your commissions, save you some time, and help you better market your apps.

Affiliate Every Link

Every Buy link that goes to the App Store, iTunes, or iBooks is a prime candidate to be affiliated, which turns it into a potential money maker for you. This means it’s best to spread your net as wide as possible to capture those commissions from as many sources as you can.

Javascript Snippet. 

Chances are promoting your apps all over your websites and blog.  Going back to update each to affiliate the link probably isn’t what you’d consider a good time.  Well, guess what – we created a JavaScript Snippet that will automatically update all of your hard coded “” links into GeoRiot links that will affiliate and localize for every click. Just drop the snippet in the header of your web page and we’ll take care of the rest.

Track Every Click. 

Besides your website and blog, you likely also have links in your other apps to cross promote, various links posted on social media, and in email or marketing blasts. Unfortunately, when you use raw iTunes links, you not only miss out on commissions but also from learning which marketing channels are best at driving traffic and ultimately leading to purchases of your apps. Are your Facebook links getting more clicks than Twitter?  How does that compare to your in-app cross promotion links?

With our rollout of some additional functionality we call “Conversion Reporting,” we’ve made answering these questions even easier. The gist is that for every click, we assign a unique campaign ID then match up the subsequent sales / commission reports to the originating clicks. This lets us report clicks, commissions, earnings per click, and a relative conversion score across link, group, “tracking tag” (aka campaign), link product type, referrer, device, OS, browser, and country.

Example of the awesome reporting within GeoRiot
Example of the awesome reporting within GeoRiot

The “relative conversion score” is a feature that we are just about to release in public beta and (we feel) is pretty dang awesome. This won’t just be a total-items-sold divided by total-clicks metric that PHG reports, but will instead uses a variety of additional factors to calculate the probability that a specific click resulted in the sale of that specific item you were promoting with your link.

Link Management. 

Your app’s “Launch Day” is a very important one and using that momentum is important in making sure your app gets the use and attention it deserves.  However, there is a lot that needs to happen on Launch Day, including press releases, newsletters and email blasts, social media, and hopefully some reviews.  All of these activities need to be coordinated beforehand, sometimes weeks or months in advance, which makes adding your App Store buy link a bit of a challenge.  Taking that a step further, once a link is posted or shared, it’s nearly impossible to make any additional changes to it.  It’s with these concerns that our “Link Management” platform shows its true value.

When you build a GeoRiot link you can edit the end destination at any time.  This means you can use a placeholder in preparation of your launch, then update the link to use the correct URL once the app goes live.  So if you have links blasted all over the internet, those customer facing links stay the same, while the destination changes, which makes 11th hour tweaks a lot less stressful.

Completely Free.

In late March we released a second account plan. We call it “Core” but the gist is that it’s 0% Click Share, making it completely free to use. This means you can continue to earn commissions off of your international audiences, and have the core pieces of link management and localization without sharing a single click with us. We do it because we care.

If you have any other questions about the above, want to learn more about what other app developers are using GeoRiot for, or simply want to tell us “hey,” then drop us a line.