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Top Affiliate Marketing Programs By Country


Hello there! Welcome to the world of global affiliate marketing! The internet is home to many retailers, many of which have affiliate programs. You may be familiar with your local retailers and some major retailers around the globe (cough cough, Amazon!, cough). Still, odds are you’ve overlooked a large number of retailers, with affiliate programs, with which your customers abroad may prefer to shop. And if you’re unaware of the top affiliate marketing programs abroad, it won’t be easy to branch out your affiliate efforts effectively.

We have proven that your customers are more likely to buy a product (after clicking your affiliate links) when they are able to shop at their preferred store. Allowing your customers to shop where they feel most comfortable (think local language, currency, and fast shipping!) can boost your commissions and give your customers a more streamlined shopping experience. With this in mind, we’ve created the following resource of the top affiliate marketing programs (the top retailers with affiliate programs) across some of the most popular categories, and in the countries from which we see significant traffic.

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How to Succeed in Affiliate Marketing with Guest Dom Wells

If you’ve found yourself reading this blog post, you’re likely thinking about entering the world of affiliate marketing. Or perhaps you’ve hit a roadblock and are wondering if you should continue to push on with your affiliate site. As with many hobbies or professions, getting started can be challenging when building a business in affiliate marketing, especially without guidance. Luckily, our friend Dom Wells of OnFolio joined us for an interview and shared his experience as a self-starter in the affiliate space.

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Improving the Links Page: Faster Results and New Search, Sort, and Filtering

Organizing and managing your links is essential if you’re looking to analyze your marketing efforts, measure growth, or even find that lost “Dyson Cyclone vacuum” link you built two years ago! While staying organized can be a challenge, it is our never-ending quest to make managing your links and marketing campaigns even easier. Which is why we are excited to release some brand new enhancements to the search functionality on your links list!

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Isaac and The World Traveler’s Intro to the Global Market

Isaac Maier

Today we wanted to take a quick break from our regularly scheduled blog to introduce the newest member of our team, Isaac Maier! Before starting full-time in Seattle, Isaac was backpacking through Asia, but we’ll let him talk about that. Without further adieu, let’s pass it on over to Isaac for a firsthand introduction.

Meet Isaac

Hey everyone, this is Isaac, your newest guide on the road to success and reaching your goals.

I started with Geniuslink as a marketing intern in the Summer of 2018 out in Big Sky Country (Missoula, Montana). But this wasn’t always my home. I grew up back in the Bay Area, in California. I like to make moves, so when granted the opportunity to join the Geniusteam in Seattle fully, it was a natural choice.