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The Intelligent Link Landscape [+Infographic]

Following our infographic explaining what an Intelligent Link is (hint: it’s a marketer’s best friend for solving some unique challenges) we wanted to share a bit more about who the players are that provide the smartest URLs in the business.  

The following infographic identifies 26 intelligent link management services broken down by the industries they focus on, the problems they can help solve, and their approximate size.  We’ll go in depth on each of these breakdowns and provide a short bio of each service.    

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Keeping Up With the CEO: 20 Tricks and Tools

I find it fascinating to learn about all of the different techniques and tools my peers and clients use to achieve the same basic tasks that I do. In order to feed my curiosity and kick start a conversation about our personal “stack” of apps I’ve shared 15 of my favorite tools, five productivity tricks, as well as half a dozen things I know I could be doing better. Hopefully you can find something new to help your day-to-day, and I look forward to your feedback in the comments below!

Jesse Lakes (CEO / Co-Founder)

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Dirty Secrets About Promoting Video Games on Amazon


Video games, gaming consoles, and accessories are perfect candidates for affiliate marketing because there is always demand for the newest versions of a game or console, they are at a healthy price point, and reviews are often sought out before purchasing.

This category continues to grow and is one of the most popular categories of product links that we serve at Geniuslink. – It’s really no surprise why:

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Amazon Associates: Cash in Your Amazon Japan Gift Cards

One of the complexities of Amazon’s international Associates Programs is that Amazon JP will only pay commissions internationally with gift cards. This means you can only use them in the Japanese Amazon storefront, which is obviously a challenge when you aren’t based in Japan and don’t regularly shop from

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What Can You Learn From A Short URL? Pt. 2

Part 2 of Doing Competitive Intelligence Analysis With A Short URL.

short url insights.

Welcome back to our two part series where we are digging up valuable information on our competitors marketing practices based off of the short URLs they use.  Check out the first part to learn what to look for in our competitor’s link posting and how to get super valuable information from the link itself.  

Diving Deeper
Looking at the service that manages a link and any analytics behind the link can give you great insights but there is one more series of investigations you can do to learn more about your competitor’s marketing tactics. – Let’s watch how the link resolves.