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Microsoft Affiliate Program Support

Support for the Microsoft Affiliate Program now live!

Since launching the Microsoft Store in 2008, Microsoft has built a series of over 200 country specific storefronts to support its global brand, while providing their international audience with the opportunity to buy it’s beloved technology.  Additionally, they’ve built out an intricate web of affiliate programs supported by the top affiliate networks around the world to help drive sales.  

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Saving an 18-Month Project From Disaster

The Culturium website's logo
The Culturium website’s logo

Guest post by Paula Marvelly, Editor, The Culturium

One of my favorite sites on the web is the magnificent Brain Pickings, created and edited by Maria Popova, and described as ‘an inventory of the meaningful life’. It is sustained financially both through readers’ donations and the commission earned from Amazon’s Associates Program.

Having a similar love of all things cultural and finding myself in a situation where it wasn’t possible to work the traditional 9-to-5 model owing to family commitments, I also wanted to explore the opportunities offered online, which would give me the flexibility of working from home combined with spending time doing something I actually enjoyed.

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GeoRiot Goes Geniuslink

I’m excited to share the next major milestone of a project we’ve been working on for the past 15 months: the introduction of Geniuslink.  

The shift to Geniuslink, from GeoRiot, is a refocus on the what our service has become, and the foundation we’ve built for making it even better.    

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Introducing the Relative Conversion Score for iTunes

Curious which promotions lead to sales? We can help.
Curious which promotions lead to sales? We can help.

“I know only half of my advertising works.  The problem is, I don’t know which half.”  – John Wanamaker


NOTE: Relative conversion score has been upgraded! Please see our blog post about how RCS has morphed to TCS as of November 23, 2015.  

One of the greatest challenges in online marketing is understanding which of your efforts are actually leading to sales. Closing this “attribution loop” is the focus of many marketers. Marketers whose sole purpose is to answer questions like What social media platforms drove sales? What products are people actually buying? Which marketing channel has been most cost-effective?

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Back In The Classroom

Jesse Pasichnyk (GeoRiot’s CTO) and I attended college at the University of Montana from approximately 1999 through 2004, where we started as freshmen roommates studying computer science. I quickly learned I couldn’t hack it in CS and shifted into studying business. Pasichnyk and I continued to be great friends and explored a few ventures together with a number of our other close friends, including Mario Schulzke and Chris Yates.

We collected some great memories together during those formative years, but it’s the memories I picked up inside the business school that stick with me today. Afternoon chess games with my entrepreneurship professor, classes with my favorite marketing professor… and the guest speakers who occasionally visited our lectures throughout the semester.

Professor Jakki Mohr, Regents Professor of the University of Montana School of Business
Professor Jakki Mohr,
Regents Professor,
University of Montana School of Business

I always looked forward to hearing the stories of these visitors to campus. These guys were the ones who cut through the theoretical knowledge to share the dirt; the ups and downs of making things happen out in the real world. The lessons that were wrapped in a story always seemed to resonate more than the lessons laid out in textbooks.

As I write this, I’m headed back from Missoula to my “real world,” which happens to be GeoRiot’s Seattle HQ, after having the honor of presenting a couple of guest lectures in my old classrooms. I would be lying if I said it didn’t feel a little strange initially, being on the other side of the podium, but the energy and enthusiasm in each of the young crowds put me at ease and reminded me what the entrepreneurial spirit is all about.

Mario Schulzke, V.P. of Marketing, University of Montana
Mario Schulzke,
V.P. of Marketing, University of Montana

In Jakki Mohr’s 200 level Principles of Marketing and Mario Schulzke’s graduate level Marketing Analytics class, I got to take my turn sharing my entrepreneurial story, with a few affiliate marketing tidbits sprinkled in.

While it was great sharing the story of GeoRiot and teaching something I’m passionate about, it was meeting the students, hearing about their entrepreneurial experiences, getting their emails, and connecting on LinkedIn to become a resource for them and their pursuits, that was ultimately the most gratifying part.

College life was good. I wasn’t an outstanding student, but I enjoyed the idea of academia and being surrounded people who shared a hunger for asking questions and learning. For that reason, I’m grateful for the opportunity to go back for a week live out a dream of mine, playing professor.

Hopefully, someday I can make it back to the university for a longer period and share even more about the industry I now eat, sleep and breathe.