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How to Double Your Amazon Affiliate Commissions

How To Double Your Amazon Affiliate Commissions?

Recently our CEO gave a presentation about just this topic. A presentation that was really well received, so we decided to write out some of the key lessons and takeaways.

Before we dive into this, let’s take a step back and consider the facts.

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4 Online Marketing Hacks to Increase Revenue For Your Business

This is a guest post by Zach Atreiu – photographer at Gold Hat Photography and Content Manager at Shotkit.

After 10 years working in online marketing in an extremely competitive industry, I’ve had a decent amount of experience in generating revenue using the Internet.

That said, there’s always a lot still to be learned. There’s a ton of useful information available for free out there, and with a bit of experimenting and lateral thinking, you can come up with an endless stream of ideas that can help boost your bottom line.

Here are 4 strategies that have worked for us over the past 6 months. Hopefully, you can implement them too.

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Terms of Usage and Privacy Policy Update – Summer 2018

Let me guess, you aren’t surprised that we are announcing updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy? It seems to be the cool thing to do these days (and yes, being in compliance is a cool thing to do).

Along with every other SaaS tool and internet site, that has even just a few clients in Europe, we too have recently updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to ensure good standing with the new GDPR guidelines. We’ve outlined a few notes below (but always encourage you to read them from end-to-end and ping us with any questions). We also wanted to let you know that as a client you’ll need opt into both of these within the next ten days or the next time you log into the dashboard.

If you’d like to learn more about the changes we’ve made to make GDPR compliance easier for you and us you can find that in our recently published blog post – GDPR, Geniuslink & You. And if you are really curious about how we foresee GDPR affecting intelligent link management as a whole then I’d encourage you to check out another recent blog post – GDPR + Intelligent Link Management – What You Need to Know.

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Building Amazon Associates Affiliate Links – A Video Tutorial

At Geniuslink, we finally have an employee with an awesome voice for video – our Master of Customer Success Andy. He also has a great face for video, but we’re saving that for later.

So, Andy has started to create some videos to show you how to better use Geniuslink.  Our first one shows you how to use our software to build Amazon Associates affiliate links that work globally! Get an overview of our Link Creator tool, and learn how little of the Amazon Product URL you actually need to use.

When you’re done watching, we’d love to hear what you think. In particular, what other topics should we make videos about?