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An Interview with John Holloway

Who are you, and what are you currently working on?

I’m John Holloway, and I am a co-founder of I’ve been involved in affiliate marketing since 2007 when I got started creating websites after the poker boom.

My current project started as a life insurance brokerage, but with companies going direct to consumer and cutting out the agents, we decided it was time to pivot to affiliate marketing. Instead of selling life insurance to the consumer and being paid a commission from the insurance companies, we now recommend companies to our visitors and are paid a commission from the companies if they become a lead.

Affiliate Profiles

An interview with Matthew Allen

Who are you and what are you currently working on?

My name is Matthew Allen and I’m currently working on building out the best damn Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin that ever existed!  I also have an internet marketing blog and I still have a few niche websites floating around in the interwebs.

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How To Get Your Amazon Affiliate Site Ready For Sale

If you’re a Geniuslink client and are thinking of selling your affiliate site, then you’re in luck – Geniuslink is a fantastic way to add value, and you can take advantage of many of our great features to help guarantee you get the most out of your sale. In this article, we’ll look at how Geniuslink can help you prepare to sell your Amazon affiliate site, and what you’ll want to consider when selling to ensure things go smoothly before and after you close the deal. 

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Amazon Country Mappings – Preparing for Brexit


As our world becomes increasingly connected, more and more people across the globe are turning to online retailers for their everyday purchases. Clothes, books, electronics, you name it – if it exists, you can probably buy it online. Unfortunately, with 195 countries, it’s nearly impossible for retailers to provide a local storefront for every country, which means the purchasing experience for consumers can vary wildly depending on your region. This disparity between purchasing countries and available storefronts is what we call “geo-fragmentation”.

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Link Cloaking & Amazon Compliance

[Updated 11/6/2019 to further clarify Amazon Associates requirements around disclosure]

When it comes to Amazon Compliance, link cloaking can be a confusing subject. You’ll hear a lot of people online tell you how beneficial “cloaking” your links are, but in practice many Amazon affiliates find themselves getting banned for doing so. So how can you take advantage of the benefits of link cloaking while also maintaining your compliance with Amazon’s Program Policies?