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Using Genius Link QR Codes to Bring Your Links Into The Real World

Using Geniuslink QR Codes to bring your links into the real world

Our lead engineer Alfredo Alvarez is also a talented photographer, so when he’s not squashing bugs or building new features, he’s also running his own photography business. When setting up photo-shoots for his customers, Alfredo takes advantage of Genius Link QR codes to create simple and robust paper “links” that make sharing images with his clients a snap.

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Geniuslink at LAUNCH Festival 2017


With LAUNCH Festival 2017 just around the corner, April 6th marks the halfway point for us at LAUNCH and our first time participating in one of the world’s largest startup events! Over the past 6 weeks, it’s been a pleasure to work with the LAUNCH team and the awesome group of companies in our session, and we’re excited to see what everyone has to show off during the event.  

Geniuslink CEO and co-founder Jesse Lakes will be competing in the pitch competition Thursday afternoon on the Festival Stage, but we’ll also have a booth in the Demo Pit.  Stop by anytime Thursday or Friday to say hi, and throw your card in for our raffle drawing and a chance to win a pair of Apple AirPods!

After the Festival Winners are announced and everything is wrapped up, come join us for celebrations Friday evening. We’d love to buy you a drink and get to know everyone better! Shoot us an email or follow us on Twitter for updates on the plan.

Thanks to everyone at LAUNCH for all of their support and for the opportunity to participate in this event. For all of you attending, we hope you have a great Festival, and we look forward to seeing you there!


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When SEO, Affiliate Marketing and Link Management Intersect

Guest post by Greg Finn, Partner, Cypress North and Correspondent, Search Engine Land.

Greg and his team at Cypress North are rock stars across many different marketing disciplines.  We had the pleasure of having Greg put together some notes on three key areas around where SEO, affiliate marketing, and link management intersect.  Please read on to learn how affiliate marketers should treat their links, how a link management tool’s redirects might impact SEO, and how a dynamic/intelligent link is treated from a PageRank perspective.  Enjoy! -Jesse