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Out of Stock: The Holiday 2021 Playbook Every Affiliate Marketer Needs to Read

How to Deal with the Global Supply Chain Nightmare as an Affiliate Marketer

By now, you have probably heard about the global supply chain snags that have been slowly compounding over the past year– and the challenges shoppers are likely to face buying gifts this holiday season. So exactly how much harder will holiday shopping be? Adobe Analytics predicts that “out of stock” messages will be up 172% this holiday season. This research highlights electronics, apparel, and sporting goods among the categories that will be hit hardest.  

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Amazon Affiliate Marketing: FAQs

Getting started in the Amazon Affiliate program can be overwhelming, so we’ve put together a few commonly asked questions for all of you considering affiliate marketing or the Amazon Associates program. We will explore topics like what Amazon affiliates are, how much Amazon Affiliates make, and how to become an Amazon affiliate.