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Brazil adds Amazon Associates Program

This week Amazon quietly rolled out their Associates Program to their Brazil storefront, which means there are now 11 countries you can earn commissions from in Amazon’s international collection of storefronts. The Brazil storefront currently only sells Kindle books and Android apps, which makes it the very first “Digital Only” storefront to offer commissions off sold good, which is exciting news!

While we may be reading between the lines, many of the Associate’s programs include Android apps on their excluded products list, and adding a digital only storefront implies Amazon may be removing Android Apps from that list in the future.  That would be cool!

A few things to note for Amazon’s Brazil Affiliate Program:

  • The Brazil program currently only pays out to a Brazilian bank account, and payments cannot be made to gift cards (for comparison, the programs in Japan and China will only pay to a local bank account OR will payout via gift card).
  • The payments tier is the same as the other affiliate programs (payouts range from 4-8.5%.
  • Since Brazil currently only offers Kindle books and Android apps, it may not make sense for you to sign up unless those are the products you are currently focusing on.

To take advantage of earning commissions from your Brazil traffic, you’ll need to sign up for the Brazilian Associates Program (which you can do from following our sign up guide), then add that token to your GeoRiot Dashboard. After doing so, we’ll automatically affiliate your links for your Brazilian traffic to maximize your commissions potential.

As always, if you notice anything strange, or have any questions about the above, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are always here to help with anything Affiliate Program related.