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URL Shortener Analytics to Track Clicks and Collect Data

Have you ever drafted the perfect tweet or YouTube description, and then the second you drop in a link to an article, and you have to share an ugly URL like this:

Not only is the link ugly, but you could be missing key analytics from people clicking on your link! Enter URL shortening services and URL shortener analytics. Not only can you shorten links like that to a clean and simple “” but you can also derive useful data about who is clicking your links.

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Nofollow Affiliate Links: An introduction

One somewhat controversial topic in affiliate marketing is whether or not you should ‘nofollow’ affiliate links, especially as it correlates to SEO. Let’s talk about how to do it, and whether it’s the best thing to do.

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What is Last Click Attribution

In the affiliate marketing world, last-click attribution is often discussed for sale/conversion attribution.

In the modern-day of privacy and data, it can be difficult to figure out where to start when it comes to interpreting your audience. Last click attribution is commonly used to reward affiliate marketers for sending buyers to a site. It is also a fantastic way to figure out where your own audience is coming from and help you to invest in ways to keep them coming. We compiled this blog to give you an introductory rundown on Last Click Attribution so you can better understand and use it in your affiliate practice.

You may be asking, what is last-click attribution?

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BestAzon: How To Fix Your Broken Links

Update: Approximately 12 days after first being reported, the author of the BestAzon WP plugin closed the open WP support tickets stating the issue has been resolved. We now see the demo links on their site working however, there are still ongoing complaints from BestAzon WP plugin users that the links aren’t working.

Recently we’ve been contacted by a growing number of niche and authority site publishers that were previously using the competing service BestAzon, but have found their Amazon affiliate links no longer work, and are looking for help ensuring their sites are fully functioning for the holidays.  

From some quick research, we’ve confirmed there now appears to be something fundamentally broken with BestAzon’s service for Amazon affiliate links and we wanted to share a quick blog post about what we know and some advice for those affiliate publishers that are impacted.  

If you’ve been adversely impacted by BestAzon’s CloudFront 504 error and your Amazon affiliate links no longer work, feel free to reach out directly or jump below to read about how to get your links fixed ASAP.  

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How To Add Amazon Affiliate Links To WordPress

In this post, we’ll show you how to add Amazon Affiliate Links to WordPress. The Amazon Associates Program is a great place to get started in affiliate marketing. Not only does Amazon offer a massive variety of products and two-day shipping, but their affiliate program is easy to learn and can teach you some essential lessons on how to manage your affiliate business before you start with other affiliate programs.