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How To Add Amazon Affiliate Links To WordPress

In this post, we’ll show you how to add Amazon Affiliate Links to WordPress. The Amazon Associates Program is a great place to get started in affiliate marketing. Not only does Amazon offer a massive variety of products and two-day shipping, but their affiliate program is easy to learn and can teach you some essential lessons on how to manage your affiliate business before you start with other affiliate programs.

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HP Affiliate Program + Geniuslink

HP Affiliate Program + Commission Rates

We’re very excited to announce Geniuslink’s auto-affiliation support for the HP affiliate program (US and Canada). The Hewlett-Packard Company (HP) is a globally known and respected company with over 80 years of innovation. HP Inc. (the personal computer and printing spin-off from HP Enterprise), ranks 58 in the 2018 Fortune 500 and has a product catalog of over 40,000 products in the US storefront.

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Amazon Associates Affiliate Links

It is no secret that Amazon is a powerhouse online retailer. Established in 1995, Amazon has been reaching new heights every year, especially in the socially distant period we are in now. Part of Amazons success is their flourishing Affiliate Program. The Amazon Affiliates Program, otherwise known as the Amazon Associates Program, is the most popular affiliate program in the world.

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6 Things To Do Today To Maximize Your Affiliate Commissions

April has been a crazy month, to say the least. To top things off, between the global pandemic and the financial chaos, the affiliate program also made drastic cuts to about one-third of its categories intensifying the financial hardships of many affiliate marketers. I think most will chalk up April 2020 to be a pretty crappy month.

With many of our clients are facing a serious headwind with the commission cuts we wanted to come together with a short actionable list of things that can be done to make sure you aren’t leaving any money on the table and getting the most possible value from your Geniuslink account. 

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How to Share Amazon Affiliate Links on Social Media

[Updated 11/6/2019 to further clarify FTC and Amazon Associates requirements around disclosure]

Affiliate links on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram our crucial to affiliate marketing, especially for Creators (authors, musicians, filmmakers, photographers & videographers, streamers, and the many others who make wonderful things to share on the Internet) to interact with their peers and audiences.  These platforms are also incredibly important to share recommendations for the books, music, and films these artists work hard to create as well as the tools necessary during the creation process. We figured it was about time that we wrote about how to use Amazon Affiliate links. When done correctly, recommendations on social media can be incredibly lucrative revenue channels for Creators by taking advantage of affiliate marketing and the Amazon affiliate program.