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Top Five Things You Should Know About Amazon Associates.

With our recent introduction of global support for the Amazon Associates Program, we wanted to give you a little background info to show what the program is all about.  Whether you have been using one of the Associates Programs for years, or have not yet started, these five things will give you the information you will need to help you get started and begin maximizing your commissions.

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Get To Know The All New Dashboard 3.0

After lots of iterations of design, code, and UX, we’re excited to unveil our latest product push: a significant enhancement to the GeoRiot dashboard.

In keeping with our goal of making international affiliate linking simple and user-friendly, we’ve updated our dashboard to better assist you starting from day one. In this complete rework, we focused on making the intricate process of fully leveraging our platform as intuitive as possible by putting essential affiliate linking components at your fingertips. New interactive features include the generous use of tool tips, graphical indicators and an interactive step-by-step guide to help optimize your campaigns and track your own progress as an international affiliate marketing maven.

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How To: Convert Affiliate Banners For An International Audience


You’ll be hard pressed to find someone in the music and tech industries who isn’t taking Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories for a spin today. The long awaited studio album from the mysterious French duo dropped this morning after some much built-up hype and anticipation over the past several months.

We’re digging the group’s shift from the EDM genre they once helped define, toward the soul-infused disco funk sound that’s prevalent throughout RAM. Given Daft Punk’s massive international draw, we’re guessing there are also a lot of happy ears around the world today.

Below we’ve written up step-by-step instructions for use in converting affiliate banners for an international audience using Random Access Memories as an example. Although RAM is available worldwide under the same iTunes ID, it’s a good best practice to use GeoRiot links any time you’re routing traffic to the store to ensure proper affiliation in as many clicks as possible and maximum return on your affiliate linking efforts.

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Preserving the UX: How to Implement QA 1629


Monday, we introduced you to the Stutter Step. While it sounds like a really cool dance move that would have made Grandma Susie proud, the stutter step is actually a user experience faux pas that occurs when an iOS app isn’t prepared for multiple http-based redirects, like those found in affiliate links. Today, we’re going to tell you about Apple’s fix for the stutter step.

It may sound like the newest planet to be discovered in the Milky Way, but QA 1629 is actually small chunk of code, developed by Apple, to reverse the negative effects the stutter step.

Affiliate Linking Tools & Resources Geniuslink Product Release ‘Performance Reports’ Added To Dashboard

After pushing 3.0 in January, we shifted our focus inward and began phase two of the renovation: rolling out the new GeoRiot dashboard. Within today’s release you’ll find updated support for your links, new filters for your existing reports, and our new Performance Reports feature, a central stats page for all of your affiliate campaigns.  Here, you can easily check the status, monitor the performance and receive optimization tips for each of your links individually.

Here’s a quick look at some of the new features our updated dashboard now offers:

“The GeoRiot Boost” is an in-depth look at the four key metrics of your links. To check the boost for any of your links, click “View Report” from any link found on your “Links” page. You’ll then be shown the Performance Report with all of the relevant metrics for that particular link.

    1. Total Traffic: Total number of clicks we’ve helped you serve for this link.
    2. Lifetime Reach: The number of different countries from which you saw clicks!


    1. Translated: This is the percent of clicks that would have resulted in an error message if we hadn’t translated the link for you!


  1. Affiliated: This is the percent of clicks that you were able to affiliate with your affiliate tracking parameters.

“Export It!” Are you a spreadsheet kinda person? We’ve got you covered. From the individual stats pages you can export your clicks over time and by country to .CSV for slicing and dicing however you want.

“Filter Your Traffic” It’s now even easier to analyze your click traffic with the ability to filter any report by traffic source and advertiser (in preparation for our rollout of support for Amazon and their Associates program).

“GeoRiot Recommends” is a feature you’ll see a lot more of in future updates, but we’re excited to give you a sneak peak. Are you getting a lot of traffic from France but not set up to earn those commissions? We’re on it and we’ll let you know what our experts recommend in order to boost your revenue. You’ll find our optimization suggestions in the bottom left corner of Performance Report pages.