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How to Become a Twitch Affiliate & Earn Income

On the hallowed road to Twitch stardom are two major milestones: becoming a Twitch Affiliate and becoming a Twitch Partner.

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TikTok Analytics: What Affiliate Marketers Need to Know

TikTok isn’t quite like other social media platforms out there. And that’s especially true when it comes to TikTok analytics. But, once you learn how to access and use the data and metrics TikTok gives you, you’re well on your way to monetizing your latest dance challenge video (or whatever kind of content you produce ?).

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Essential Affiliate Marketing Tools: Affilimate

Today we are diving deep into Affilimate, an affiliate dashboard and data aggregator to explore what makes this type of tool unique and a no-brainer addition to the services that a blogger should be using to maximize their affiliate commissions. We’ll also explore one area where I think Affilimate has some room to grow.

But first, let’s take a step back to see the forest through the trees and why an affiliate data aggregator may be one of the essential tools you use as a niche/authority website builder, blogger, or website portfolio owner.

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Interview with Lee Zavitz

Tell us about yourself and your channel.

My Name is Lee Zavitz, and I’m a professional DP / Photographer in Toronto, Canada. The first time I picked up my parents’ VHS camcorder in the early 90’s I was hooked. In high school, I got into 35mm film photography and then moved to digital. I’ve always had the bug to create. I worked a few trade jobs after college but always had video/photography as a hobby doing little jobs for friends. Long story short, I quit my 9-5 job and pursued full-time freelance. I’ve been doing it professionally now for the last nine years. My channel is based on my love for photography, filmmaking, and camera gear. I do my best to show everything I can in real-world situations since I still work in the field. I find it hard to call myself a Youtuber because I’m still so involved in the industry.

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5 Great Affiliate Programs For YouTubers

What are some great affiliate programs for YouTubers to get started with is a frequent question for us?

We are lucky that we often find ourselves working with both incredible YouTubers while also enjoying excellent relationships with many of the world’s most popular affiliate programs.

So if you are a YouTuber who wants to introduce some affiliate marketing revenues into your income stream, here are five great affiliate programs to consider.