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Getting More From The iTunes / App Store Affiliate Program

We’re excited about our CEO / Co-Founder Jesse Lakes’ new guest blog for AppClover.

In his latest piece, Jesse takes a look some of the more common issues people run into when getting up and running with the iTunes / App Store Affiliate Program. Additionally, he shares a couple of tips for making the most out of the program – and establishing a good rapport with Apple – once you’ve been accepted.

Should you have additional questions or concerns about anything covered (or not covered!); don’t hesitate to drop us a line and we’ll do our best to help make sure you’re getting maximum return from your affiliate linking efforts.



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GeoRiot CEO Visits With Appreneur Appcast Team To Discuss App Store Affiliate Program

A few months ago, our CEO / Co-Founder Jesse Lakes was invited by AppClover founders Len Wright and Matthew Lutz to guest star in an episode of Appreneur Appcast. The resulting conversation touched on a number of important topics within the App Store Affiliate Program. For example, did you know that social gaming is a great avenue for your affiliate links?  Or that the App Store Affiliate Program’s cookies are device (and not account) specific? How about the fact that marketing multiple apps together is one of the best ways to leverage the affiliate program?

Check out the video to watch Jesse’s appearance on Appreneur in its entirety, and be sure to follow the AppClover crew for app marketing insight, tips and more!

Affiliate Linking Tools & Resources Geniuslink Product Release ‘Performance Reports’ Added To Dashboard

After pushing 3.0 in January, we shifted our focus inward and began phase two of the renovation: rolling out the new GeoRiot dashboard. Within today’s release you’ll find updated support for your links, new filters for your existing reports, and our new Performance Reports feature, a central stats page for all of your affiliate campaigns.  Here, you can easily check the status, monitor the performance and receive optimization tips for each of your links individually.

Here’s a quick look at some of the new features our updated dashboard now offers:

“The GeoRiot Boost” is an in-depth look at the four key metrics of your links. To check the boost for any of your links, click “View Report” from any link found on your “Links” page. You’ll then be shown the Performance Report with all of the relevant metrics for that particular link.

    1. Total Traffic: Total number of clicks we’ve helped you serve for this link.
    2. Lifetime Reach: The number of different countries from which you saw clicks!


    1. Translated: This is the percent of clicks that would have resulted in an error message if we hadn’t translated the link for you!


  1. Affiliated: This is the percent of clicks that you were able to affiliate with your affiliate tracking parameters.

“Export It!” Are you a spreadsheet kinda person? We’ve got you covered. From the individual stats pages you can export your clicks over time and by country to .CSV for slicing and dicing however you want.

“Filter Your Traffic” It’s now even easier to analyze your click traffic with the ability to filter any report by traffic source and advertiser (in preparation for our rollout of support for Amazon and their Associates program).

“GeoRiot Recommends” is a feature you’ll see a lot more of in future updates, but we’re excited to give you a sneak peak. Are you getting a lot of traffic from France but not set up to earn those commissions? We’re on it and we’ll let you know what our experts recommend in order to boost your revenue. You’ll find our optimization suggestions in the bottom left corner of Performance Report pages.