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Making Money on YouTube in 2021

It seems like everyone in 2021 wants to make money on YouTube. With creators like Mr. Beast and David Dobrick gaining unheard of YouTube fame, you may be asking yourself how you could earn money on YouTube. Well, you’re in luck. In this blog, I’ll take you through the five most popular ways your favorite YouTube stars make money (affiliate, sponsorship, ads, patronage, merchandise), and where to start if you are a beginner.

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Maximizing Amazon Affiliate Earnings – Direct Qualifying Purchase vs. Indirect Qualifying Purchase

In early February 2021, Amazon drastically expanded the unique method that is used to calculate affiliate commission payouts in five of the 19 Amazon affiliate programs worldwide. For the five original Associates programs in Europe, the Direct vs. Indirect Qualifying Purchases model is now dominant. 

What does this mean for your bottom line and how can you maximize Amazon affiliate earnings? Great questions, let’s dive in!

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Links in YouTube Description – A Guide

Crafting a YouTube description and including links in the YouTube description for your latest video often can feel like an afterthought. You put so much work into planning, shooting, and editing your video; understandably, fine-tuning that description can almost feel like a nuisance. You want to get started promoting your video. We understand that.

But, getting that YouTube description right is super important. Done right, your YouTube description helps your video rank better in search engines (yay SEO) and hopefully get more people to watch your video. Getting the SEO optimization right is one of the critical enablers of receiving endless views and the subsequent passive income.

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Amazon Holiday Landing Pages, Associates are you ready?

Updated December 8th, 2020.

Calling all Amazon Associates! Are you ready for Amazon’s 2020 Black Friday and holiday rush?! It goes without saying that Black Friday / Cyber Monday / Cyber 5 presents the second-best monetization opportunity of the year for all Amazon Associates (it seems Prime Day might take the cake for the single best event).

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URL Shortener Analytics to Track Clicks and Collect Data

Have you ever drafted the perfect tweet or YouTube description, and then the second you drop in a link to an article, and you have to share an ugly URL like this:

Not only is the link ugly, but you could be missing key analytics from people clicking on your link! Enter URL shortening services and URL shortener analytics. Not only can you shorten links like that to a clean and simple “” but you can also derive useful data about who is clicking your links.