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Finding Affiliate Marketing Success with Human Proof Designs

We recently sat down with Dom Wells the owner of Human Proof Designs to talk about how he got started with affiliate marketing, what prompted him to create Human Proof Designs and his tips and pointers to find success as an affiliate marketer.

Dom Wells got started with affiliate marketing back in 2012 when he was teaching English in Taiwan. He wanted to earn more money, so he looked online knowing that there would be more opportunity for him there.

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SEO Tips: Producing Great Content As An Affiliate

You’ve built your site and it looks great. You’ve already added your affiliate products or you’re drawing them in from a product feed or widget. You’ve even built some links, but for some reason, you just can’t get any love from Google.

Unfortunately for many affiliate marketers, gone are the days when simply having a better keyword ratio than the next person and one extra link would do it. Fortunately, there’s something you can do about it. Build great content with a purpose.

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GDPR, Geniuslink & You

What does GDPR have to do with Geniuslink, a US based company?  Well, two things:

First, we see roughly 35% of our clients, and 55% of the clicks we process, coming from Europe so it’s very important that we pay attention to GDPR and be in compliance.  

Second, one of the key elements of our original thesis is that a global perspective is key to maximizing revenue so paying attention to major updates in international compliance is an important piece to that.

In the bigger picture, we are actually big fans of what GDPR is trying to do, at least the underlying theory.  However, the ambiguity makes preparing for it more of a challenge than we’d like to admit. But at the end of the day, we agree that your personal information should belong to you and companies should respect that and step up when you give them consent to collect it.   

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Take Your Affiliate Links to the Next Level With Retargeting Pixels

As an affiliate marketer, being successful often comes down to playing a numbers game. Checking reports, comparing results, and refocusing your efforts to drive up your click-through rate (CTR) and earnings per click (EPC). That’s why it’s often so important to make sure you’re getting as much data as you can to drive your decisions and measure your success. Today, the data points that you can capture seem unlimited, but did you know that you can take things a step further and also curate data points from the clicks on a link?

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How To Monetize And Grow Your YouTube Channel

This Ultimate Guide on how to grow and monetize your YouTube channel was created through a series of interviews with inspiring YouTubers. Thank you Kraig, Michelle, Daniel, Rory, Justin and Ryan for participating. You’re awesome.

Every minute, more than 300 hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube. Since 2005, YouTube has been a place to create, upload and share. In the opinions of many, it was the first platform that allowed for people to connect in a more interpersonal way through a more interpersonal medium no matter which corner of the world they were uploading from. Today, the platform has over one-billion users and is ranked second in the Alexa Top 50 List of Global Sites.

With almost 5 billion videos being watched on YouTube every single day, it has become a major source of income for many through affiliate marketing, AdSense, and sponsorships. Now more than ever YouTube creators are running their channels strategically and optimizing them for ideal success. With over 20,000 partners around the world and hundreds of them making six figures a year (and that’s a 2011 number) on the platform, many YouTubers may wonder where to start when it comes to monetizing their channel.