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End of the Amazon Associates Era?

Note: This blog is based on a presentation our CEO / co-founder Jesse Lakes gave at Affiliate Summit West 2020 and a recent YouTube video with the same name.

For most creators, bloggers and affiliate marketers, Amazon’s affiliate program is the only game in town. 

Yes, that’s a bold statement but I think it’s been earned.  For over 20 years Amazon has offered an easy to learn, easy to use, and high converting affiliate program that covers a massive product catalog.   

And yet, in the last few years these same creators, bloggers and affiliate marketers have been seeing their revenues drop, accounts closed and seem to be changing their perception of Amazon’s affiliate program from love to fear. 

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Marketing Principles For Your Next Affiliate Project

Ok, so you want to start an affiliate project but are worried about how to market it. It’s a valid concern. And while there is a lot of tactical information about how to execute certain types of (mostly online) marketing campaigns, the reality is that it’s important to take a step back first and make sure that you have a strong foundation based on marketing principles before you start getting busy executing.

Because the reality is, if you get these things right, the actual promotion gets to be much much easier. Not easy, but certainly easier.

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Why OneLink Doesn’t Work on YouTube

In the summer of 2017, the Amazon Associates team launched its own link localization tool known as OneLink. Some surmise they were stirred to simulate the success of a savvy Seattle startup with stellar support staff. For some affiliate marketers, OneLink is a decent solution for redirecting your international shoppers along to a storefront that feels natural for them.

However, in our countless conversations with Creators and YouTubers, we’ve encountered some confusion around OneLink and, more specifically, the coverage it offers. 

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Geniuslink at Affiliate Summit West 2020 #ASW20

For our fourth year in a row, we are excited to go back to Las Vegas in late January 2020 for the annual Affiliate Summit West conference. We are also looking forward to meeting up with new and old clients, making new friends with others that are passionate about the industry, and learning about the latest techniques and technologies in the performance marketing space.  

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Target Affiliate Program + Geniuslink

Another one! The whole team here at Geniuslink is very excited to unveil as the ninth affiliate program we’ve added auto-affiliation support for. Whether you manage a parenting blog, publish kitchen appliance reviews on YouTube, or run a fast fashion look book, you’ll now be able to build affiliate links easier than ever before!