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International Affiliate Commissions vs. International Taxes

As affiliate marketers, the first time we see an international payment come through our initial thought is often excitement. Wondering if the US has a tax treaty with said country and if their IRS equivalent is also going to want some portion of our hard earned commissions isn’t typically something that crosses our mind.  

Until it does. Then the dread of not knowing where to start and the fear of what we’ll find kicks in and we are back to optimizing for EPC.

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Choice Pages – Leveling Up Your Affiliate Links

[A note from Jesse Lakes, CEO and co-founder of Geniuslink.]

Have you ever wanted to offer buying options in addition to Amazon?  What held you back? Not wanting to litter your website, YouTube description or tweet with multiple buy buttons or links to the same product?  Maybe you didn’t have the space, or time, for adding more than one link?

Does 100% of your audience shop exclusively at Amazon?  The answer is most likely “no”. Shopping from your preferred store will always trump your desire for your favorite influencers to cleanly monetize your purchase.  

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Choice Pages – How To Use Them

Marketers are facing a more fragmented landscape than ever before and sometimes an intelligent link, no matter how intricate you set the rules isn’t enough.  In these situations, a carefully curated list of options can improve the shopper’s buying experience, improve your conversions and revenue as well as ensure compliance.  It’s situations like the ones below where Choice Pages really shine. Learn more about Choice Pages in our latest blog post or read on to dig into a handful of the top use cases for Choice Pages.   

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Monetizing & Growing a YouTube Channel: A Conversation With Kyle Taggart

We recently sat down with YouTuber, Kyle Taggart to talk with him about how he got started as a YouTuber, being an affiliate marketer on the platform and how to grow your channel while nurturing your creativity.  

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4 Online Marketing Hacks to Increase Revenue For Your Business

This is a guest post by Zach Atreiu – photographer at Gold Hat Photography and Content Manager at Shotkit.

After 10 years working in online marketing in an extremely competitive industry, I’ve had a decent amount of experience in generating revenue using the Internet.

That said, there’s always a lot still to be learned. There’s a ton of useful information available for free out there, and with a bit of experimenting and lateral thinking, you can come up with an endless stream of ideas that can help boost your bottom line.

Here are 4 strategies that have worked for us over the past 6 months. Hopefully, you can implement them too.