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Amazon Associates Ecosystem [Infographic]

Charting Amazon Associates
Your resource guide to getting the most out of the Amazon Associates Program.

We are always looking for helpful resources to share with our clients and friends around the world. With the massive reach of the Amazon Associates program, there are so many types of resources, in so many places, that it can be overwhelming to keep track of useful tidbits you’ve found along the way. So, in an effort to help you better navigate the Amazon Associates landscape, we put together this “map” of the best forums, websites, blogs, classes, YouTube channels, books, tools, plugins and site builders.

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Using Amazon Affiliate Links Correctly

UPDATE:  We’ve got a new post that helps bring additional clarity to this topic! Click here for more information on how to safely build affiliated short links. 

we’ve seen some misinformation and confusion around where it’s okay to use affiliated links for Amazon, and where it’s considered a violation of their Terms of Service. No one but a lawyer really likes reading legal jargon so we figured we’d help by sharing a few things we’ve learned to try and save you some time* and help you keep your nose clean for the Associate Program.

Amazon Associates Ecommerce Geo-Fragmentation

Brazil adds Amazon Associates Program

This week Amazon quietly rolled out their Associates Program to their Brazil storefront, which means there are now 11 countries you can earn commissions from in Amazon’s international collection of storefronts. The Brazil storefront currently only sells Kindle books and Android apps, which makes it the very first “Digital Only” storefront to offer commissions off sold good, which is exciting news!