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Link Management with Geniuslink

Managing and organizing your links is vital if you’re looking to measure growth, better analyze your marketing efforts, or even find that elusive link you built years ago. Staying organized can be a challenge, but we’re here to rise to the occasion. It is our never-ending quest to make managing your links and marketing campaigns even more manageable. And while all of these tools and features have been available for a long time, we figured it was time to put them all together to create the definitive link management resource to help our clients get the most out of their links. 

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Out of Stock: The Holiday 2021 Playbook Every Affiliate Marketer Needs to Read

How to Deal with the Global Supply Chain Nightmare as an Affiliate Marketer

By now, you have probably heard about the global supply chain snags that have been slowly compounding over the past year– and the challenges shoppers are likely to face buying gifts this holiday season. So exactly how much harder will holiday shopping be? Adobe Analytics predicts that “out of stock” messages will be up 172% this holiday season. This research highlights electronics, apparel, and sporting goods among the categories that will be hit hardest.  

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Niche Site Project’s “Surviving an Audit by Amazon Associates” + Commentary

Being compliant with Amazon’s Operating Agreement for their affiliate program (Amazon Associates) is really important to us here at Geniuslink (and we write about it a fair amount!).

Avoiding being the subject of an audit by the Amazon Associates compliance team is your best bet, but if you unfortunately get the fabled email letting you know your account is in jeopardy, then you’ve got your work cut out for you.  However, before you dive in, we’d encourage you to give the entertaining and highly educational post that Doug Cunnington, of Niche Site Project, wrote about his experience below (lightly edited).

As we’ve seen a number of these audits over the years I’ve interjected some commentary to Doug’s adventure in the post below (with this formatting).

Good luck and enjoy!
-Jesse (CEO / Co-Founder of Geniuslink)

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7 Reasons Our Office Dogs Make Us a Better Company

What does Geniuslink have in common with Amazon, Ben & Jerry’s, Etsy, Google, Procter & Gamble, and Wieden & Kennedy?

Office dogs.

Dogs have become a staple in the offices of many companies around the world, following a trend that has been proven to reduce office stress, increase physical health, and enforce a positive workplace.  

At Geniuslink, our office dogs do just that. Walk into the office on any given morning or afternoon and you’ll be warmly greeted as furry paws skate across the floor, tails wag and wet noses rush to meet your hands.     


“None” or “Unknown” Referrer? Find Where Your Traffic is Coming From.

Referrers – Understanding Who Sends You Traffic.

If you’re using a link shortener like, Bitly, SmartURL or Geniuslink you’ve probably taken a look at their reports to get an understanding of who’s clicking on your links. One report in particular, the “Referrers,” is useful for learning which domains or sources are sending traffic to your link which helps you know which marketing is working, and which is not. However, seen among the different domains is a data point that may not make much sense – “None” or “Unknown.”

You’ve probably asked yourself why your link shortener isn’t able to grab that information – I mean if a person clicks on a link, you should be able to tell where that link was clicked from… right?