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These 3 Tips Will Make Getting Started With Amazon Even Easier

As you get started creating your first GeoRiot-supported Amazon Associates campaigns, we wanted to make you aware of a few tools and resources we’ve created for you that will be helpful along the way:

First, be sure to give our Amazon Associates guide a read-through. What’s the affiliate cookie window within Amazon’s program?  What countries are supported? How do commission payouts work? You’ll find the answers to these and all of your burning Amazon-related questions right here.

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Top Five Things You Should Know About Amazon Associates.

With our recent introduction of global support for the Amazon Associates Program, we wanted to give you a little background info to show what the program is all about.  Whether you have been using one of the Associates Programs for years, or have not yet started, these five things will give you the information you will need to help you get started and begin maximizing your commissions.

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The Riot Spreads: Now Supporting Amazon

To date, we at GeoRiot have largely focused on resolving the challenges that exists with marketing digital media and mobile apps internationally. But that’s all about to change…

Introducing, GeoRiot support for Amazon and their Associates Program – now in public beta!

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New To Tradedoubler? This Blog’s For You.

From time to time, we’ll receive a question from a client that highlights a bigger problem or issue. When this happens, we’ll often turn our answer into a blog post in the hopes of better reaching others who may be running into the same question.

Today, we’re looking at the process of navigating the many affiliate programs within the Tradedoubler network.

Those familiar with Tradedoubler, know they manage several iTunes / App Store Affiliate Programs across Europe and Latin America. What you may not know is that there are 39 country-specific programs in total. Thirty-nine? That’s a lot of individual programs to apply for and get set up with.

While we generally encourage signing up for as many affiliate 

programs as possible, Tradedoubler is the exception. This is due to something 

Tradedoubler does called “crossboarders.”

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What Causes Geo-Fragmentation?

One of the more common questions we hear is, “Why does the problem of geo-fragmentation exist in the first place?”  Why do these large companies, with unlimited engineering support, create the globally fragmented mess of storefronts, links and affiliate programs we’re all too familiar with?