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The “Other” Amazon Storefronts

Most affiliate marketers in the Amazon ecosystem are familiar with the major Amazon Storefronts

But there are three “other” storefronts that get a whole lot less attention.

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Introducing the iTunes Link Engine

GeoRiot is proud to introduce the all new iTunes Link Engine WordPress plugin! Improve your user’s experience by turning the iTunes links on your WordPress site into globally aware affiliate links.

What is the iTunes Link Engine (iLE)?

The iLE is GeoRiot’s newest addition in our suite of tools to help you earn more affiliate commissions through guaranteeing a better experience for your international users. Since the iTunes “store” is actually over 150 different international storefronts, and users can only purchase in the storefront where their credit card is registered, this free plugin is the simplest way to ensure that each user ends up in the place they’re most likely to purchase. The iLE automatically translates and localizes your raw iTunes links so that each click is given the best experience possible.

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Copy to Clipboard and Send to Buffer Features


Sharing just got easier.

In speaking with a few of you, we learned that although the process to create a link works well, we were falling short with helping you get your links out of the dashboard and to your audience. To remove that bottleneck, we’ve added two more features to our Links page just for you – send to Buffer, and copy to clipboard.

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Updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Just because we knew you were just itching for some good reading material.
Just because we knew you were just itching for some good reading material.

Things are moving along quickly over here at GeoRiot, and with the introduction of our Freemium plans, we’ve also published a long overdue update to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. We know you’re just as excited as we are, about the changes, because who doesn’t love reading those things?

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Lost in (Localization vs.) Translation

Image courtesy of morgueFile

You may have noticed that we use the words “Localization” and “Translation” to describe certain processes within the GeoRiot Service. There’s a crucial difference between the two, so we figured it would be a good idea to explain each.