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Amazon Singapore Drops

On October 8 of 2019, Amazon added a seventeenth regional storefront, Amazon Singapore, furthering its march towards global (retail) domination!  

While this is yet another huge step forward for the Seattle-based company, what really caught our attention was their seamless launch of the Amazon Singapore Associates program at the same time as the store launch. As far as we can tell, this is the fastest rollout of an affiliate program yet (Amazon UAE was quick, but it took them a day or two, and Amazon Australia’s affiliate program launch was many weeks delayed). marks the fifteenth regional, public, and independent affiliate program that Amazon supports (only the Netherlands storefront doesn’t have an affiliate program while the Associates program for Turkey is currently private). 

Amazon Associates Affiliate Linking Tools & Resources Geniuslink Optimization Geo-Fragmentation

Amazon Country Mappings – Preparing for Brexit

As our world becomes increasingly connected, more and more people across the globe are turning to online retailers for their everyday purchases. Clothes, books, electronics, you name it – if it exists, you can probably buy it online. Unfortunately, with 195 countries, it’s nearly impossible for retailers to provide a local storefront for every country, which means the purchasing experience for consumers can vary wildly depending on your region. This disparity between purchasing countries and available storefronts is what we call “geo-fragmentation”.

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Geniuslink + Amazon: EPC, Improvement & ROI

Affiliate marketing generates a lot of data but all too often that data sits in a silo and isn’t helpful.  We worked with a number of our clients, both big and small, to take some of their data and turn it into actionable information to try and help you answer three of the most common questions we get:

Amazon Associates Geniuslink Optimization Geo-Fragmentation

Link Localization Testing: Amazon OneLink vs. Genius Link

Product matching has become a necessity for affiliate marketers around the globe who are looking to capture international commissions. Both the Genius Link service and Amazon’s OneLink specialize in product matching across the massive Amazon catalog to close the international commission gap. Upon receiving inquiries of the differences between the two link localization services, the following are the results of some testing that the Geniuslink Team conducted to compare the Genius Link Service and Amazon’s OneLink.

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Microsoft Affiliate Program Support

Support for the Microsoft Affiliate Program now live!

Since launching the Microsoft Store in 2008, Microsoft has built a series of over 200 country specific storefronts to support its global brand, while providing their international audience with the opportunity to buy it’s beloved technology.  Additionally, they’ve built out an intricate web of affiliate programs supported by the top affiliate networks around the world to help drive sales.