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Attention Prourls Users: Your Links Have Been Compromised

Public Service Announcement
It has recently come to our attention that a bad actor acquired the domain in mid-April, 2019, and now all links are being directed to a malicious page. This could be endangering you and your community. If you’ve ever included links on your website, or in tweets, Facebook posts or YouTube video descriptions, you could be causing your channel irreparable harm.

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Introducing the Amazon Link Health Monitor

Starting with a good Amazon link is important, not only for proper localization and monetization of your international audience but also for maximizing conversions from your local traffic. The old saying “garbage in, equals garbage out” holds especially true when it comes to ensuring that your links are being properly localized and that all of your customers are being sent to the best destination to make a purchase.

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How Increased Earnings and Streamlined Their Amazon Affiliate Strategy with Geniuslink

This is a guest post from Joan Pasay, a nutritional therapist who runs the site to help women around the world prevent diabetes. Joan uses Geniuslink to keep this site accessible to all, free of cost.

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7 Reasons Our Office Dogs Make Us a Better Company

What does Geniuslink have in common with Amazon, Ben & Jerry’s, Etsy, Google, Procter & Gamble, and Wieden & Kennedy?

Office dogs.

Dogs have become a staple in the offices of many companies around the world, following a trend that has been proven to reduce office stress, increase physical health, and enforce a positive workplace.  

At Geniuslink, our office dogs do just that. Walk into the office on any given morning or afternoon and you’ll be warmly greeted as furry paws skate across the floor, tails wag and wet noses rush to meet your hands.