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How to Choose the Right URL Shortener

Choosing the right partners is important. Period. In sports, in relationships, and business.  Taking that one step further, picking the right tools and vendors to support your company is especially essential.  However, I’d wager that of those tools you choose, one of the most important to get right from the beginning is whom you choose for managing your marketing links – your link management provider.    

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Choice Pages Keep Getting Better

In our previous post (Choice Pages – Leveling Up Your Affiliate Links) we teased some updates that were on the way and I’m excited to share more details as they are now available.  

While our Choice Pages have been getting a lot of polish and functionality over the last few months we thought these last couple updates were important and worth a few minutes of your time.  

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Choice Pages – Leveling Up Your Affiliate Links

[A note from Jesse Lakes, CEO and co-founder of Geniuslink.]

Have you ever wanted to offer buying options in addition to Amazon?  What held you back? Not wanting to litter your website, YouTube description or tweet with multiple buy buttons or links to the same product?  Maybe you didn’t have the space, or time, for adding more than one link?

Does 100% of your audience shop exclusively at Amazon?  The answer is most likely “no”. Shopping from your preferred store will always trump your desire for your favorite influencers to cleanly monetize your purchase.  

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GDPR, Geniuslink & You

What does GDPR have to do with Geniuslink, a US based company?  Well, two things:

First, we see roughly 35% of our clients, and 55% of the clicks we process, coming from Europe so it’s very important that we pay attention to GDPR and be in compliance.  

Second, one of the key elements of our original thesis is that a global perspective is key to maximizing revenue so paying attention to major updates in international compliance is an important piece to that.

In the bigger picture, we are actually big fans of what GDPR is trying to do, at least the underlying theory.  However, the ambiguity makes preparing for it more of a challenge than we’d like to admit. But at the end of the day, we agree that your personal information should belong to you and companies should respect that and step up when you give them consent to collect it.   

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GDPR + Intelligent Link Management – What You Need To Know

Are you tired of hearing about GDPR yet?  How many emails did you get over the past couple of weeks with GDPR in the subject?  How many new Privacy Policies or Terms of Service have you been alerted to?

But do you really understand what’s going on and how these are going to directly affect you?  

You’ve probably heard the gist that it’s Europe’s fault and that it all has to do with “harmonizing data privacy laws across Europe” and “making privacy a human right”.  But really, if you are being honest with yourself, you get the sense that it’s going to make your job, as a marketer, a whole lot harder (if you even choose to pay attention). However, you’ve also heard that you really probably should be paying attention because the fines are crazy!  Something like 4% of gross revenue or was it $20M? …Is this the end of digital marketing in Europe? Is MarTech doomed?

Don’t worry, you aren’t alone GDPR is confusing as F&%K! — but definitely not impossible.