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4 Online Marketing Hacks to Increase Revenue For Your Business


This is a guest post by Zach Atreiu – photographer at Gold Hat Photography and Content Manager at Shotkit.

After 10 years working in online marketing in an extremely competitive industry, I’ve had a decent amount of experience in generating revenue using the Internet.

That said, there’s always a lot still to be learned. There’s a ton of useful information available for free out there, and with a bit of experimenting and lateral thinking, you can come up with an endless stream of ideas that can help boost your bottom line.

Here are 4 strategies that have worked for us over the past 6 months. Hopefully, you can implement them too.

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The Intelligent Link Landscape [+Infographic]

Following our infographic explaining what an Intelligent Link is (hint: it’s a marketer’s best friend for solving some unique challenges) we wanted to share a bit more about who the players are that provide the smartest URLs in the business.  

The following infographic identifies 26 intelligent link management services broken down by the industries they focus on, the problems they can help solve, and their approximate size.  We’ll go in depth on each of these breakdowns and provide a short bio of each service.    

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Looking Back to the Future: 2014 in Review

 2015 is upon us, and although we don’t have our hoverboards or time traveling DeLoreans, this year is shaping up to be monumental for GeoRiot.  As we move into the new year and approach our 5th birthday this February, we wanted to take a look back at all of the incredible milestones that you helped us achieve in 2014!

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How International Is Your Online Audience? 7 Tools To Find Out

Understanding the geographical makeup of your online audience is important for crafting the ideal marketing message. As a link management platform that helps digital marketers build intelligent global links, we know that.

So, how international is your audience? Where do most of your fans reside? Do you have a surprisingly large amount of fans in the UK? Are you wasting your money on marketing efforts in Spain? Do you need to make an Amazon Associates account for the German storefront? Do you need global links in your promotions?

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Linking Console Makes Creating and Managing Links Easier Than Ever

We’ve re-engineered our Links page from the ground up to give you better, more organized access to your existing GeoRiot short links, and an updated tool for future links!

When you’ve finished entering your info, click ‘Globalize My Link’ and your link will be instantly added below with all of your affiliate links!
When you’ve finished entering your info, click ‘Globalize My Link’ and your link
will be instantly added below with all of your affiliate links!

To get started, log into your dashboard and head to the all-new Linking Console– your destination for creating, organizing and managing all of your GeoRiot affiliate campaigns. On the left is the new Short Link Creator. Here, you can simply copy / paste an iTunes or Amazon product URL to create a link, or, explore additional functionalities such as adding a tracking tag or grouping your link with your existing links for easier organization down the road. (If you prefer to build your links manually, you can still do so using any of our standard link formats and / or iTunes linking tools – located to the right of the link creator field.)