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iTunes Affiliate Adds 20 More Countries

On the eve of the PHG switchover, iTunes has announced the addition of 20 new countries into their affiliate program.

This brings the total number of countries supported by the iTunes Affiliate Program to 88 (49 supported by PHG and 39 managed by Tradedoubler).

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GeoRiot Among Top 40 App Companies Of 2013

We’re proud to announce that GeoRiot has just been named one of Chocolate Labs’ Top 40 Apps Companies of 2013!

As many of our esteemed peers on this list could probably say about themselves, our company began with an idea for providing a service that would simplify and enhance some portion of the online experience. At GeoRiot, that goal has been to simplify affiliate marketing through a unified global linking platform.

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AppClover Reveals New App Marketing Tools, Affiliate Program

AppClover Services

Our buddies over at AppClover have been busy delivering tools and information to help app developers around the world create powerful app marketing campaigns. Over the last year, we’ve been flattered to share some of our affiliate marketing knowledge with AppClover readers to help them better utilize the many affiliate opportunities available.

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Preserving the UX: How to Implement QA 1629


Monday, we introduced you to the Stutter Step. While it sounds like a really cool dance move that would have made Grandma Susie proud, the stutter step is actually a user experience faux pas that occurs when an iOS app isn’t prepared for multiple http-based redirects, like those found in affiliate links. Today, we’re going to tell you about Apple’s fix for the stutter step.

It may sound like the newest planet to be discovered in the Milky Way, but QA 1629 is actually small chunk of code, developed by Apple, to reverse the negative effects the stutter step.

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Happy Anniversary, TapSense!

iOS Entrepreneur, Giacomo Balli and Director of Operations at Zillow, Colleen Corgan stop for a picture with GeoRiot's Joanna McGuire in front of Infusion Loung at last night's TapSense party
Giacomo Balli, iOS Entrepreneur (, and Colleen Corgan, Operations at HotPads, stop for a picture with GeoRiot’s Joanna McGuire in front of Infusion Lounge at last night’s TapSense party

We had a great time “geeking” with our mobile marketing peers at the TapSense two-year anniversary party in SF last night. It’s always inspiring to hang out with people who are as passionate about mobile apps and tracking as we are, and TapSense is certainly making big strides in the “mobile revolution”.

In the two years since they arrived on the scene, TapSense has made a big impact on the way marketers utilize and interact with their data and have garnered a pretty impressive following by adding names like TinyCo, Pocket Gems and Poshmark to their client list.

If we didn’t get a chance to chat with you personally last night, drop us a line so we can do so, and once again, congratulations to the entire TapSense team!