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An Interview with Patrick Tomasso

Tell us about yourself and your channel.

I’ve really been making videos and taking photos since I could first hold a camera – It’s essentially been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Cameras have driven me to a few different careers including working in advertising for a number of years but ultimately I decided to go freelance as a photographer and DP. I shoot cars, food, products, and tech for clients all over the world now. I also really love music and audio production so I still occasionally make music and produce podcasts. My channel is like me in that it’s spread across a lot of different interests… but I try to stay within a content creation niche by demonstrating products and tutorials that help folks create content for themselves and clients.

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An Interview with Tom Buck

Tell us about yourself and your channel.

Hi! My name is Tom Buck. As a lifelong A/V nerd, I help people level up the audio and video quality of their streams, podcasts, puns, and videos. I’m really excited about the tools that are available to create “1 person production teams.” It’s kind of amazing. I was a high school Digital Media teacher for 10 years, and I started my channel in 2017 as a project to share my enthusiasm for digital media and teaching others while having fun along the way.

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YouTube Affiliate Marketing – Maximizing Your Earnings

Looking to have a channel financially support itself is a natural step for YouTube creators. There are five main ways that creators can make money off YouTube: ads, sponsorship, patronage, directly selling something/merch, and affiliate. In this video, we are primarily going to cover affiliate marketing as a revenue model. We will go over Amazon’s affiliate program, how to stay compliant with the Amazon Associates Operating Agreement, and best practices to earn you more money.

Let’s dive in!

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How to Earn More Affiliate Revenue on YouTube with Choice Pages

We’ve long believed that Choice Pages are an awesome way for creators to boost their revenue and diversify their affiliate partnerships. Armando Ferreira (of the popular MondoBytes YouTube channel) shared a case study with us that yielded exciting results (more than doubling his revenue!). But like many of you, we wanted more data. We wanted to know that his experience wasn’t an exception.

So we set up a Choice Page experiment with other YouTubers to see if we could prove that Armando’s experience wasn’t a fluke.  

Turns out we were able to consistently produce amazing results!  Over 11 separate tests, we saw an average of 2.2x improvement in earnings-per-click with some clients seeing as much as 4.2x lift!