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Celebrating Book Marketing Masters

Introducing the Top 20 Most Socially Influential People in Book Marketing.

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To celebrate our recent acquisition and the relaunch of BookLinker under the GeoRiot brand, we ran a study of the Top 20 most influential people in the business of book marketing. BookLinker provides globalized links for authors and publishers promoting books within Amazon’s worldwide storefronts.

In preparation of this report, a list of 300 of the most influential book marketers on social media was compiled. The top 20 were then identified using Peer Index, Klout Scores, and Twitter followers. These data points reflect a variety of factors including social footprint, engagement frequency, amplification, and citations by influential writers along with other related items. Weights were then assigned to each factor to derive a final data-driven list of the 20 most influential book marketers on social media.

Every person on this list exemplifies best of practices in book marketing – some of them are even accomplished authors in their own right.  They are all extremely knowledgeable about marketing and public relations and are more than deserving of the recognition. We at GeoRiot are very pleased to be honoring them.

Congratulations to all those who made the list! You can follow all of these influencers on Twitter with just one click.


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Of course, our ranking is not the final word on the subject. Who do you believe belongs on the list? Please share your thoughts below.


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1. Jonathan Gunson:
2. Lynn Serafinn:
3. Penny Sansevieri:
4. Emlyn Chand:
5. Vikram Narayan:
6. Jaime Arnold:
7. Donna Huber:
8. John Kremer:
9. Rachel Simeone:
10. Mike Lowndes:
11. Kim Nash:
12. Roger C. Parker:
13. Dana Lynn Smith:
14. Michael Drew:
15. Nick Daws:
16. Alison Law:
17. Roger Packer:
18. Ben Cameron:
19. Teresa Morrow:
20. Denise Berthiaume: