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Copy to Clipboard and Send to Buffer Features


Sharing just got easier.

In speaking with a few of you, we learned that although the process to create a link works well, we were falling short with helping you get your links out of the dashboard and to your audience. To remove that bottleneck, we’ve added two more features to our Links page just for you – send to Buffer, and copy to clipboard.

Send to Buffer

We really like Buffer, the social media tool that makes sharing super easy, so it’s completely understandable that you do too. Since it’s one of the leading platforms for managing all of your social media links in one place, we wanted to make it simpler to get your links into Buffer.

Now, all you need to do is add your Buffer “secret email” under the Account tab, then you can create social media posts straight from the Links tab!

Send To Buffer
Send To Buffer

We’ll then forward that post to your account in their service so that you can schedule and manage your posts all in one place. Easy peasy.


Copy to clipboard

Not using Buffer? No worries! Instead of having to manually highlight the link to copy it (which can be a pain, especially if you accidentally miss highlighting a character in the link), you can now click a button to automatically add the link to your clipboard.

Copy to Clipboard
Copy to Clipboard

Once copied, you can paste the link anywhere and everywhere your heart desires, removing seconds from your workflow and getting your promotions out that much quicker. We know those seconds start to add up after a while, so they can now be used for more important things.

Questions about the above? Suggestions for other integrations? We want to make sure we’re building features that help you, so let us know.


Team GeoRiot