Geniuslink News

Dashboard Refresh

We are excited to announce local time zone support, an updated reporting engine, and huge performance updates to our dashboard.

Timezone support ended up being a bigger project than we initially anticipated, but we’re happy to note that you can now select a timezone for your Key Stats and all hourly-based reports. Please note the reports built off daily stats (including the countries reports) will continue to be Pacific Standard Time based as we work toward a high-performance solution to allow reporting exclusively by the hour. Please give us a heads-up if you notice anything odd in the graphs or dashboard.


We’ve moved to a new charting library that we are very excited about. These charts are more zippy, “cleaner”, and packed full of cool features. Click and drag to zoom in, zoom out by clicking “Zoom Out”, and when a legend is available you can click each item to hide/ show it on the graph.


A couple weeks ago a new client commented on the speed of the dashboard… and we listened. While nowhere close to the speed of the GeoRiot service, we are happy to report that page load times in the dashboard should be a fraction of what they were previously. In addition to a general house cleaning, we’ve also moved to a distributed model for the dashboard (similar to the service) which will also greatly decrease ping times around the world.


We have new reports and some big enhancements lined up for the summer, so stay tuned! If you’re interested in joining our Beta testing group, drop us a line.

As always, please let us know what you’d like to see added to the GeoRiot dashboard.