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Double Dose of Love for GeoRiot & Affiliate Linking

We’re flattered to have been featured in not one, but two expert app marketing publications!

mobyaffiliatesFirst, our friends at Release Mobile (the creators of datownia) take a long, hard look at the marketing challenges presented to mobile app developers in a guest blog for Moby Affiliates. Will Lovegrove does an excellent job explaining the disconnect between creating a popular app and successfully monetizing it to an increasingly global audience. He cites a number of problems that contribute to this, such as geo-fragmentation, a convoluted and archaic affiliate network application process, and the need for links that direct traffic to geo-specific items in hundreds of stores worldwide (enter: GeoRiot!).

197384v2-max-250x250Next, the guys at apptamin created a complete App Marketing Strategy Guide that’s a must-read for anyone in the business of app making and selling. The guide covers everything you need to think about after creating your app. From App Store optimization to ad placement and promotion, to social media strategy – it’s all in there! In the App Store Affiliation section, we’re thrilled to be recognized as the most efficient way to earn commissions on all referred traffic through each of the affiliate networks.

We at GeoRiot know that what we do (and the problem we’re aiming to solve) is complicated. While we love it when people say nice things about us and our product; it’s even more encouraging to see (and be a part of!) the growing number of conversations people are having about affiliate marketing. We take pride in having built a world-class link-building platform, but we’re also passionate about bringing awareness to affiliate linking so that even more people can benefit.