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Faster Resolution with Direct Links

GeoRiot understands that for some, link resolution speed trumps everything. For when you need absolute speed, and are willing to give up user level tracking, we are excited to announce a recent enhancement to our service: the “Skip Affiliate Redirect” feature.

This feature leverages the iTunes “Short Link” format to send consumers directly to the iTunes Store, App Store, iBookstore, or Mac App Store with special affiliate tracking parameters attached directly to the landing page URL. Skipping the affiliate redirect saves up to three additional hops for the consumer and dramatically reduces the time from click to final destination.

Getting started with this new enhancement first requires adding an additional tracking parameter in the dashboard for each of your supported affiliate countries. Next, append “&DIRECT=1” to the end of each link you wish to have skip the affiliate redirect. Information about how to gather these additional tracking parameters is included in our Linking Formats documentation.

Please note that since GeoRiot also tracks clicks on your links, the only compromise you make by using the Skip Affiliate Redirect parameter is forgoing user level tracking provided by the affiliate networks (Signature/U1 from LinkShare and EPI from TradeDoubler).

Give it a try and let us know how it’s helped your conversion rate.