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Four Reasons To Use GeoRiot With Apple’s New Affiliate Platform, PHG

Apple recently announced their iTunes / App Store Affiliate Program will be supported by a new affiliate platform: Performance Horizon Group (PHG). The scope of PHG-supported regions is exciting as it brings together new and existing countries in the affiliate program that are separated by oceans, continents and, until now, affiliate networks.

In addition to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, PHG will also support affiliating sales in Russia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Turkey and South Africa.

With the introduction of PHG, and transition away from DGM and LinkShare, it’s an optimal time to review and optimize your current affiliate practices. In addition to simplifying the global affiliate program, the addition of the new network and supported countries provides an even greater opportunity to maximize your affiliate links’ worldwide reach, and your international commissions.

Here are four reasons why using GeoRiot in conjunction with PHG can open up new affiliate revenues and help boost your overall performance:

1 – Earn International Commissions With GeoRiot Links
A link from a single affiliate network only allows you to capitalize on commissions from sales in countries managed by that network. If you’re using just one affiliate network, then you’re missing out on the commissions you would have earned from sales outside of that network’s reach. GeoRiot maximizes your international commissions by allowing for a single link to leverage multiple affiliate networks simultaneously. Our service also aggregates your individual affiliate networks’ data in one convenient, centralized reporting location to help you better optimize and understand your regional performance.
2 – Single Dashboard To Manage Your Affiliate Campaigns
With DGM Performance and LinkShare going away, Tradedoubler staying, and PHG getting added, that’s a lot of affiliate tokens to keep straight. GeoRiot’s dashboard serves as a central hub to easily manage all of your affiliate accounts. With GeoRiot, you only need to create one link per item and we do the rest of the work on the backend using your affiliate parameters. This means you’ll never have to update a link on your website, or in the code of your submitted app, again. It’s all managed via the GeoRiot dashboard.
3 – Fail-Safe Links For Any User, Anywhere
GeoRiot has the most advanced, enterprise-level tool in the space for globalizing iTunes and App Store links. Our patent-pending link translation technology rebuilds each link, per click, so it’s localized for every user. Affiliate links created from an affiliate network are without this translation capability. In other words, clicks outside of a particular region may result in an error message for your users or leave you without a referral commission.
4 – Avoiding Broken Links
With DGM and LinkShare-based iTunes affiliate links being deprecated by October 1st, your old affiliate links will need to be updated to ensure their sustainability. GeoRiot offers tools that allow you to easily update your existing links. Once converted, you can rest easy knowing your links are built to support clicks from around the world and won’t be affected by any future changes within the affiliate program.

By only utilizing a single network you could be leaving money on the table in other regions. Using GeoRiot in conjunction with PHG and Tradedoubler ensures global coverage for your affiliate links as well as international affiliate commissions.