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The Genius of Intelligent Book Links – An Interview with Blondie & The Brit

Writing, Publishing and Beyond - A Podcast Hosted by Blondie and the Brit

“Unfortunately most links are static [meaning it will always go to the same end-destination]. They have not evolved the same way web pages have over the last 20 years,” said Geniuslink CEO, Jesse Lakes in a recent interview with KJ Waters and Suzanne Kelman on the Blondie and the Brit Podcast.

KJ Waters is an author and the CEO and founder of Blondie’s Custom Book Covers and has been using Genius Link for the past six months. She was so pleased with how it has helped her to know what happens to her book links after she posts them and how it allows her international audience to find her book, that she reached out to Jesse for an interview on Blondie and the Brit.

In the interview, Jesse walks KJ Waters through the concept of link localization and how it can help authors to reach their entire audience no matter where they may be in the world, with more ease and no additional cost or a headache to the shopper. He discusses the ins and outs of the Genius Link service, including features like A/B split links, Choice Pages and even pixels. He also shares with her how he got into the space in the first place.

In his conversation with KJ, Jesse outlined a few key things that every author should know about. The first being that Amazon and iTunes may other affiliate programs have different storefronts for different countries all over the world. Every one of those storefronts is optimized for that specific country. If you’re an author and you have readers in the US, as well as in the UK, Canada, Japan and Germany, is probably not the best place to send everyone if you’re looking for a clean user experience and more importantly, a sale. If you only send your readers to, you’re completely ignoring your other international audience.

Not only do you want to send your readers to the correct storefront, you may also want to test a couple of different link destinations using Geniuslink’s A/B split links. For example, this feature allows you to send 50% of the people who click on your link to the Amazon page and the other 50% to a landing page with your book. From there, you can see which destination converted more often and optimize from there.

The Geniuslink Choice Pages alone are a tool that authors can utilize to list out all the places that their book is sold in one place, giving the shopper different options to purchase it from. For someone who is a hardcore Apple fan, they can go and buy the book on iBooks, rather than through Amazon, all while you – the author – achieve the conversion.

Another powerful feature that Jesse walks KJ through is pixels. Pixels allow you to capture an interested audience from the single click of a link, third party to the third party site. Before, you could only capture that audience if you owned the destination the link was sending the user to, but with Geniuslink, you can capture that audience from the link itself.

Jesse dives deep into all of this and more with KJ on Blondie and the Brit. Listen, like or download here.