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Over the years, Genius Link has become a go-to tool for authors looking to better market their books through intelligent links. We work with some of the world’s most recognized authors and publishing houses, and after seeing how our author clients take advantage of our technology, we’d like to share some of the most useful tools you get with the world’s smartest links to better market your books.

Global Amazon Links

Our flagship solution, Genius Link’s global Amazon links are the easiest way to ensure that your readers get to the easiest place to purchase when you’re promoting your book in the world’s largest online bookstore. If you have any kind of international audience you will want to pay attention.

Many authors are unaware of the full scope of the global Amazon ecosystem. Amazon is more than just one store— it’s actually 14 different storefronts across the globe! If you’re posting Amazon links for your readers to click on and purchase your books, it’s imperative to know that isn’t the Amazon store for everyone. Readers in the UK are more likely to purchase at, readers in Germany at, and readers in Canada at (you get the picture).

Amazon's 14 different global storefronts.
Amazon’s 14 different global storefronts.

Genius Link offers authors an incredibly easy way to make sure that every reader gets to your book in the right Amazon store for their geography whenever they click on one of your Amazon book links. Simply drop an Amazon link into our link creator tool, and voila! Our technology will “auto-magically” find your book in all of the different Amazon stores across the globe, and direct each reader to their “local” Amazon store whenever they click.


Global iTunes (iBooks) Links

Genius Link’s “auto-magic” global links also work for iBooks. Similar to Amazon, iBooks is many different country and region-specific storefronts across the globe. If you’re using promotional iBooks links to market your books, you can ensure that every reader gets to a store they can actually purchase by using Genius Link’s technology.

Simply drop in an iBooks link into the link creator tool, and again we take care of the rest! Anyone who clicks on that link will be directed to their local iBooks store.


Streamlined Use of the Amazon Associates Program

Perhaps one of the easiest ways for authors to get even more benefit out of your existing marketing efforts is to take advantage of the Amazon Associates program. If you’re linking your readers to Amazon to purchase your books, Amazon will pay you a referral commission if they purchase after clicking one of your links— even if it’s to your own book!


Amazon built the Associates Program to encourage online publishers to link people to Amazon to purchase products. As an author sending your readers to Amazon, you’re in a great position to take advantage of this! Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost your readers any additional money. Amazon simply pays you a small percentage of their cut of the purchase price (typically 4-8 percent) just for sending them there. You even earn commissions for anything purchased within 24 hours of someone clicking on your link. That means if someone clicks on your book link, then decides to buy a $5,000 flat screen television, you get a commission for that too!

If you’re already linking your readers to Amazon, use the Associates Program. Seriously. It’s free money.

Another benefit of using the Associates program is that it provides incredibly valuable sales tracking information. You can actually see if people are purchasing your books after clicking on these links. In other words, you can tell when your marketing efforts are working and when they’re not delivering.

OK, now I’ve sold you on the Amazon Associates program. So where does Genius Link fit into all of this?

– Auto Affiliation

Any time you create a global Amazon link with Genius Link, we automatically add your Amazon affiliate tags so you earn commissions on the sales that happen after readers click your links. No need to worry about the link format or adding each your individual Amazon Associates IDs to each link. We take care of that.

Global Affiliation

Similar to Amazon having many different stores across the globe, they also have many different Associates Programs. Using Genius Link for your Amazon links not only makes sure your readers get to the right store to purchase for their geography, but we also ensure that the right affiliate tags are used for the reader’s local Amazon store. This allows you to earn these referral commissions from the different Amazon storefronts across the globe.

Note: Genius Link also provides automatic affiliation for iBooks links using the iTunes Affiliate Program.


Advanced Targets for Countries with no Amazon Store

Do you have a large international audience? If so, you may have a significant amount of readers in countries where there is no Amazon store. As big as Amazon is, there are still many countries where they don’t have total dominance of the online book space.

Good news, Genius Link can help in these situations too! While we have a great tool for automatically making your Amazon links work internationally, we also provide you with the ability to create links with custom destinations for any country through our Advanced Targets feature.

Advanced Targets let you specify specific online destinations for readers in different countries. For example, if you have a large readership in Australia, you may want to send readers in Australia to Booktopia, Australia’s largest online bookstore. Similarly, you may want to send readers in The Netherlands to, or readers in Singapore to

Advanced Targets by Country.
Advanced Targets by Country.

The key thing to realize is that Genius Link allows you to optimize your link for the entire world, even beyond countries where Amazon has a storefront.


Advanced Targets for Languages

If you’re a big enough deal to have your books published in multiple languages, you can further take advantage of Genius Link’s advanced targets to ensure that your readers are sent directly your book in their native translation.

Advanced Targets by language.
Advanced Targets by language.

User Choice Landing Pages

If you’d like to provide your readers with an option to purchase a book in their favorite online store (as not everyone loves Amazon), Genius Link’s User Choice Landing Pages are a great solution.

Instead of sending your readers directly to a storefront to purchase your book, the User Choice Landing Page provides them with an intermediary page that allows them to select to purchase your book in the online retailer of their choosing.

Curious what it looks like in action? Try clicking this link.


Creating these eye-catching and useful landing pages for your books is incredibly simple with Genius Link. Simply add your different destination URLs, click save, and you’re done!


Remarketing Pixels with Book Links

Remarketing or retargeting is one of the most effective digital marketing tactics available to any online marketer. Remarketing allows you to advertise directly to individuals who have expressed interest in your book through ads on various networks like Facebook, Google, Twitter, and more.

Traditionally, remarketing requires a reader to visit your website where you’ve embedded your unique remarketing pixel provided by one of these ad networks. This means someone has to land on your website where you’ve embedded this pixel code in order to be added to an audience to which you can serve ads. While this is extremely useful, it presents two specific limitations:

  1. A reader has to land on your actual site.

In order to get someone into your audience to advertise to later, they are required to land on a website that you own where you have added this pixel code. This means that readers who end up on your Facebook page, YouTube channel, or Twitter profile cannot be added to a remarketing audience. You don’t own these properties and therefore cannot embed this pixel code into these sites.

  1. You must have the pixel code embedded into the HTML of your site.

If you’re not used to diving into the HTML and making code changes on your website, adding a custom pixel code can seem daunting. Small errors in code can cause major issues for your website, and if you’re not comfortable doing this, it’s best to leave it to the experts.

However, using remarketing pixels with intelligent links provided by Genius Link allows you to navigate around both of these issues. By adding remarketing pixels to link themselves, you simply need someone to click on one of your links to add them to a remarketing audience. This means that if someone clicks a link to buy your book from Amazon from your Facebook page or YouTube channel, you can still add them to a remarketing audience without needing them to visit your site. Releasing a new book in the coming months? Use this audience created from clicks on your links to advertise your new book directly to readers you know are interested in your books!

Since the remarketing pixel is in the link, you also don’t have to worry about altering the code on a website. Simply add the pixel to your Genius Link account, and check a box to include that pixel with any of your links. No HTML skills required!

Insightful Analytics 

Writing a book is hard enough, making sure your promotional book links are performing at the highest level should be easy. Luckily, Genius Link is here to make marketing your book a little easier through intelligent links. All of the useful tools discussed above come with robust tracking tools to help you better understand your audience and focus on the marketing channels that work best.


We hope to make your writing endeavors that much more successful with these tools. Stay in the loop. We’re constantly adding more capabilities to the world’s smartest links.

Have any other tips on how to use intelligent links to better marketing your books? We’d love to hear from you!


Team Geniuslink