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How HyperX Tripled Customer Conversions

Geniuslink in Entrepreneur Magazine!

Late last month, we were lucky enough to be featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, discussing how one of our power users, HyperX, was able to triple customer conversions by using Geniuslink’s service to route their customers to the correct destinations.

We are humbled to be included in Entrepreneur and are really excited to see that we even made the April 2016 print edition! (Bit ironic for an online company to be excited about a print magazine, huh?)

To give you a brief overview, HyperX discovered that by providing their diverse and fragmented audience with links to a single destination, they were losing nearly 75% of their potential traffic. This was due to the fact that many of these potential customers were unable to make a purchase due to various storefront and geographical boundaries.

That is when they came to us to see how we could help them solve this problem of fragmentation. For more details on how we were able to help HyperX cater to their entire fragmented audience and get the most out of all their marketing efforts, please check out the full article in Entrepreneur Magazine.

In addition, please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about this at all, or would like to further explore how we can help to solve your own audience’s fragmentation issues!